Made to Crave–Week 2, Part 2

made to crave


“I had to see the purpose of my struggle as something more than wearing smaller sizes and getting compliments from others…It had to be about something more than me.”—Lysa Terkeurst, Made to Crave

The purpose of my struggle…

What is the purpose of my struggle with my weight and food?

Why do I want to lose the weight?

Is it about my health? Looking good? Compliments? My relationship with God?

Why should I pursue this? What is the purpose?

Obviously, looking good, compliments, and my health have not been enough to motivate me to lose the weight.

But my relationship with God?

I have never thought of my relationship with God in correlation with my relationship to food, but what if finding the motivation to lose the weight has to become more about my relationship with God than my relationship to food?

What if finding the motivation to lose the weight centers not on me but on my relationship with God?

What if losing the weight is about more than me?

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