A Childlike Faith

Read:  Luke 18:15-17

Key Verses:   Luke 18:16-17

This is a short passage but I have a lot to say about it. These verses have had a major impact on my life. As a teenager, I read these verses and decided that I wanted to be a teacher. After high school, I started teaching preschool. I taught preschool for 19 years.

One of the things that has always struck me about this passage is the difference between  the disciples’ attitude toward the children and Jesus’ attitude toward the children. In both our society and Jesus’ time children are not appreciated. They are frequently thought of as the least of these, and yet the children are our future. I’m not a parent, but being a parent is a blessing, not the curse that many parents I know make it out to be. I know many parents who are allowing their children to just grow up on their own. I know many parents who have abused their children. When we are raising children, we have to give thought to the future, to the type of adults we want our children to be instead of griping and complaining about the demands of parenting. Oh, that we would be more like Jesus!

Look at the example of Jesus in welcoming the children. They are precious to Him so they should be precious to us. He was probably holding them, playing with them, telling them stories, laughing at their antics, and simply enjoying them.

But then He not only welcomes them, He says that we should be like them. My friend Mike and I had a discussion about these verses too. He interprets them to mean that we should be questioning everything because that is what children do, and I agreed to an extent. Children do question everything, but have you ever noticed the way that children question things?

Usually when an adult questions something there is a bit of cynicism about it, but when a child questions something it is with curiousity, awe & wonder. “Daddy, why is the sky blue?” “Daddy, what makes the grass green?” “Daddy, will I be as tall as you are?”

And when they receive an answer, they receive it in faith and trust. They have faith that person they are asking knows the answer. They have faith that the person that they are asking can do anything. They trust that the person answering their question is telling them the truth. They trust that the person taking care of them of them will supply their needs.

Oh, to be that child again! To be full of awe, wonder & curiosity! To be full of faith in the One who is answering us! To be able to simply enjoy life the way that they do!


Give me faith like a child. I want to trust you and know that you are God. You alone supply our needs and while I know that I don’t always trust that. Forgive me! Thank you for being a gracious and loving Father. 


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  1. Hi Misty. Followed link you posted over at the Good Morning Girls group. I love your comparison of children who ask a lot of questions yet trust the answers. I ask the questions to God but then don’t believe he will answer me. Your reflection made me reflect in how I can be more child like in this respect. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Mari! Children amaze me with the questions that they ask, but they don’t question the answers that they are given. They just move on to the next question, the next thing that they are curious about.

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