A Faithful Servant

Read:  Luke 19: 11-27

Key Verse: Luke 19:19

In these verses, Jesus is speaking to His disciples about His kingdom. The disciples believed that Jesus would set up His kingdom when they reached Jerusalem, but Jesus was telling them that He would have to leave before His kingdom could be established. Jesus was also saying to them and to us that He has work for each of us to do.

As Christians we each have gifts that are given to us by the Holy Spirit. We each have talents that we are born with, and we each have a destiny and a purpose. We also have a great responsibility. We have a responsibility to use those gifts and talents to further the kingdom of Jesus Christ.

This is what the good servant did. This is why he was called faithful. He took the minas that his master had given to him, and he turned around and invested them. He used the minas to trade and barter, and in doing so he increased what he had been given tenfold. He was faithful in what he had and so the kingdom benefited. When the kingdom benefited, he benefited.

He was faithful in little and received much. He proved that he could handle the responsibility of what he had been given so he was given more responsibility. He was also given authority.

That just struck me as I was writing…It wasn’t only more responsibility that he was given. He was given AUTHORITY. The power to act in the name of the ruler. Wow!

(Isn’t funny how things can suddenly hit you? Instead of writing what that means I am just absorbing it.)

His authority…When we are faithful, Jesus gives us His authority.

Think on it. Bask in it.

We are given the authority to act in the name of Christ. We are given His power to act. We are not just given the responsibility to use our gifts, but we have been given the authority of Christ.

When we are faithful, Jesus gives each of us our own “cities” and He gives us the authority to “rule” those cities.

Think about what this means. I’m awestruck. I have His power. I have His authority. When I am faithful.


Thank You for the gifts and the talents that You have given me. Help me to be faithful in my walk with You and in using these gifts and talents for Your glory and to the benefit of Your kingdom. 



2 Replies to “A Faithful Servant”

  1. You’ve given me something to think about, Misty. When reading these verses I’ve always focused on the faithfulness aspect of it–that we need to be faithful. I’ve not thought about the authority that’s given in response to our faithfulness. Thanks for the thought-provoking post!

    1. Shannon, I have always focused on the faithfulness aspect too, but for some reason this time that word “authority” just really stuck out to me. I guess the Lord is trying to get my attention about it.

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