Her Last Two Cents

READ: Luke 21:1-4

Key Verses: Luke 21:3-4

She walks into church. She is dressed in rags while everyone around her is dressed in their best. She sits and listens as the people sing praises to the Lord. Then a young woman moves to the front and begins singing.

As the young woman sings, the ushers start passing the offering plates around. People are giving. There are checks in there for several hundred dollars. The plate comes to her.

She reaches into her pockets and pulls out two pennies. They are the last two cents that she has. She has been saving them. She doesn’t know what for because two cents doesn’t buy you anything, but she has kept them.

Today she lets go of them. Today she places them in the offering plate. They are only two cents, but they are all she has. Today she gives them to the Lord.

The story above is my modern telling of the widow in our passage today. A widow dressed in rags gives to the Lord the last two cents that she has. She wishes that she had more to give and there is part of her that is probably scared to let them go.

But she does.

She gives her last two cents.

The trust that it must have taken for her to give it all to God.

She gave all.

Am I willing and able to give my all to Jesus? Am I willing to make the sacrifices that I need to make? How much am I willing to give?

Or are those the wrong questions?

What if I should be asking:

How much do I trust the Lord?

Do I trust Him enough to give Him my all? Do I trust Him to provide for my needs? Do I trust Him to know what I need?

How much do I trust the Lord?

For the past year, I have been struggling in the area of my finances because I quit the job I had rather than be demoted. (Well, it was a little more complicated than that but that is the quick & easy version.) Then instead of finding another job. I struggled to start a business selling books online. Then before I could really get that going I had to move and everything went into storage. Since then I have been taking care of my grandmother and doing so without pay.

The Lord has asked me again and again to trust Him. And again and again He has provided.

I don’t know how the Lord provided for the widow, but we have to believe that He provided in some way.

That is what the widow believed. She wouldn’t have given her last two cents if she didn’t.

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  1. Bless you – I’ve never considered this verse with this spin, but it’s so true–her trust in God must have been monumental. I’m praying for you – that God reveal His plan for you and that it will bless your life in a two-cent way…. Visiting from Unite

    1. Thank you, Janet!

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