Seeking to Betray

READ: Luke 22: 1-6

Key Verses: Luke 22:5-6

Have you ever been betrayed? Then you know the pain that can happen when a friend betrays you.

But have you ever sought to betray someone? I think that most of us would answer “no” but I want us to think very carefully on this question today.

Have you ever sought to betray someone?

I have to be honest and tell you that the story of Judas has always fascinated me. Here is a man who was one of Jesus’ closest companions. Yet he was also the one who betrayed Christ.

You have to wonder why? Why did He betray Christ?

I find it interesting that these verses in Luke are the only verses that say that Satan entered Judas. All of the Gospels talk about Judas’ betrayal, yet Luke is the only one to say that Satan entered Judas. It is as if he couldn’t contemplate or comprehend someone betraying Christ on their own doing, but Matthew and John knew Judas and say nothing like this. In fact, they give examples in their testaments about Judas’ greed. Judas was a man who would do anything to make money and this included betraying Christ.

Another thing that I noticed after reading all the accounts of Judas’ betrayal this morning is that in every account the author says that Judas sought to betray Christ. He wasn’t just sitting passively by and waiting for an opportunity to betray Christ. He was actively looking for a chance to betray Him.

And that led me to wonder:

How many times do I go and actively look for ways to sin?

How many times have I picked up a romance novel knowing the direction that my mind will turn but just wanting the escape, the release?

How many times do I turn to food for comfort instead of turning to Christ?

How many times do I deliberately say something hurtful to someone else because I am angry or hurt?

How many times?

How many ways?

How many times do I simply call what I did a mistake and try to downplay it or justify it instead of owning up to what I did and calling it what it is?

A betrayal.

Each and every time I seek out something to fulfill me instead of Christ I am seeking to betray Him. 

That sounds harsh, doesn’t it? But it is the truth.

And yet…

How great is our God?

Because He offers us pardon and forgiveness. He offers us redemption in the form of Jesus Christ so that it will be like our betrayals never happened. All we have to do is accept it.

And He offers us a way out. When we accept His forgiveness, He gifts us with the power that we need to withstand temptation.

When we saturate ourselves in His Truth and Love, then we need not fear betraying Christ because we are focused on loving Him.





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