What’s in a Name?

Have you ever wondered about your name? Where it came from? What it means? Why your parents chose that name?

Off and on through the years, I have wondered about my name. I have heard both versions of how my name was chosen. (My mom has her story of how my dad chose my name, and my dad has his story of how he chose my name.) And my name is Misty so how obvious is the meaning, right?

Well, recently when I was reading Becoming Myself by Stasi Eldredge, I became curious about the meaning of my name because she talks about the importance of our names and how God names us, not our parents. Now I have always believed in naming children with names that has meaning, and I have noticed the importance of names in the Bible. I have also noticed how God will change someone’s name when He changes the role that they are going to play in His kingdom.

For myself, I have always struggled with my name because it felt like prophecy that I was fulfilling because I am an emotional person and I do cry a lot. But as I was doing the research on what my name means I looked up both my first and middle names, and in doing so discovered that my name is truly a thing of beauty.

Misty means misty. It is an old English word used to describe the weather when there is a mist or a fog. Today it is also commonly used when talking about something being obscured or clouded.

My middle name is Lynn. I learned that lynn is a Welsh Gaelic word that means waterfall.

So there you are: I am a misty waterfall. 🙂

I have to admit that it is kind of fitting. I’m one of those people who aren’t really what they first appear. One of my friends used to to describe me “as still waters run deep.” Well, the waters of my mind are never still, but they do run deep. There are depths and layers to me that most people will never see.

So what does your name mean? Go look it up and then leave a comment sharing what it means. I would love to know.

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  1. Just looked mine up Kathleen Ann: means beautiful priceless. Thanks for for sharing

    1. What a beautiful name!

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