Eucharisteo…A Love Dare from God


Eucharisteo is the Greek word for thanksgiving.



A love dare from God.

A dare to live fully alive

It is a dare to name the gifts that the Lord gives to us…name them…count them…one by one.

It is a dare that slows time.

It is a dare to appreciate what you have been given.

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A dare that has to be learned

A dare that has to be practiced

A dare to create a new habit, a new perspective

A dare to be transformed and renewed

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Eucharisteo is a dare to recognize that time is life.

A dare to slow down

A dare to give thanks

A dare to make each moment a moment of worship

A dare to step into the sanctuary, the throne room of God

A dare to step into the presence of the great I AM

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Eucharisteo (thanksgiving) is a dare that creates abundance

It is a dare to be all there

A dare to live in the present

A dare to taste life

A dare to see God


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10 Replies to “Eucharisteo…A Love Dare from God”

  1. Oh, I love this! It’s very poetic. What a great reminder about how important it is to thank God for all things. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you, Susan!

  2. Love the poem and your pictures. Beautiful pictures and words.

  3. Beautiful words here. We don’t celebrate thanksgiving in the UK but I believe that having a thankful attitude is a great discipline. It glorifies God and we reap rewards from knowing how blessed we are whatever we face in life.
    Thanks for sharing at Essential Fridays.

  4. I love this post with wonderful words and pictures. Thanks.
    Greetings from Germany 🙂

    1. You’re welcome, Mascha! Thank you for reading!

  5. Your words are beautiful, a true reminder to the soul of what life is really about.
    Thank-you for linking your wonderful post to “The Most Fabulous Link-up Jol”
    From the blog: Fabulous-farmliving

    1. Thank you, Keren, for your words and for your new link-up!

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