My Eucharisteo…My Thanksgiving

I was cleaning up the kitchen this morning, and I found myself wanting to grumble about it because the majority of the mess was not mine. It was my mother’s mess.

For most of you who don’t know me personally I made the decision at 37 to move back in with my parents and my grandmother in order to assist my grandmother who is in her 80’s.

So this morning as I was cleaning the kitchen, I found myself wanting to grumble about it. In the last few years of living on my own, I became a “clean up your mess as you go” person because I know that if I don’t the mess can sit there for days and it takes more energy to clean it up later.

But in the midst of unloading the dishwasher and loading the dishwasher, I had this thought, “Why should I grumble about this? Many people don’t have dishes to wash. Many don’t even have a mother anymore? You should be thankful for what you do have!”

Be thankful for what you do have…Live eucharisteo.

Here is my list of blessings from the Lord:


1) My Mom

2) My dad

3) My sister

4) My brother-in-law

5) My niece

6) My nephew

7) My grandma Elaine

8) My grandma Viola

9) My grandfathers waiting for me in heaven


10) Christ & The cross and resurrection

11) Healing

12) Comfort


13) Chappy the squirrel who likes to play in the tree outside my window

14) Leaves blowing in the wind

15) Autumn colors


16) The words on a page…books!

17) Life itself!

18) A roof over my head

19) Hot chocolate


20) Dishes to wash

21) Laundry to do

22) Children’s laughter

23) Children playing


24) Cuddling a newborn baby


25) Sitting around a fire

26) Roasting marshmallows

27) Baking cookies

28)Old Friends


29) Cousins

30) Naps

31) Snowmen!

32) Oceans of Fun!

33) Heartbreak

34) Not knowing

35) Surprise parties!


36) Unexpected visitors!

37) Purple coneflowers


38) Dreams

39) Writing…blogging

40) Love

41) A cold glass of Coca-Cola on a hot day

42) New friends


43) The Bible

44) Quotes


45) Winnie-the-Pooh

46) A new day

47) A beautiful sunrise

48) A gorgeous sunset


49) Time alone with God

50) Trips to the Omaha Zoo

Oh, the list could go on and on and on…this eucharisteo…this naming of the things the Lord has blessed me with.

What are some of the things on your list?



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