The Blessings of Laughter

There has been a lot in my life lately that has made me appreciate laughter and having a sense of humor.

A lot of little things that add up and you either have to laugh about them or you end up crying about them.

Things like the day that my grandmother dumped leftover vegetable soup into the crock pot of chili that I had fixed for dinner…while I was at an appointment…

Or the days that she runs through the house yelling for me because she thinks that we are late for a doctor’s appointment…the one we went to the day before…

Or how about the times that she tells my mom’s cousin Julie that she was home alone when someone came to work on the TVs and it was my cousin’s ex-husband…but she wasn’t alone and the only thing that truly happened was that it was my cousin’s ex-husband.

Those are the days when laughter and a sense of humor come to the rescue because otherwise I would be crying about how much she is struggling with her memory.

Laughter blesses you by:

1) Decreasing stress
2) Helping you to cope
3) Diffusing tense situations
4) Increasing your creativity
5) Elevating your mood
6) Increasing your hope
7) Making you more optimistic
8) and giving you more energy

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