A Promise from God

Read: Genesis 6:11-14, 7:17-8:3, 9:8-13

Key Verses:  Genesis 9:8-13

When I read about the times of Noah, how the men were corrupt and lived only for themselves and their own pleasure, I think about our world today.

I also think about God being angry. In our world, we seem to think that you can’t love someone and be angry with them, but from the very beginning we are shown that God loves people. Yet here in this story He was angry enough to destroy them all. The Bible says that He was sorry that He created us (Gen. 6:8). It doesn’t seem to add up, does it?

But there was hope. Even in God’s anger with the human race, He loved them enough to preserve them. He found favor in 1 man, Noah.

I wonder what Noah did or how he lived that found favor in the eyes of the Lord.  Why out of all the people who covered the earth at that time did Noah find favor?

But he did find favor with the Lord, and God used Noah to preserve man.

And then God made a covenant with Noah and set the rainbow in the sky as a sign of His promise to never destroy the earth by flood.

Instead of destroying man, God made a way for man to be reconciled to Him. He sent His Son.

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  1. I have learned you can be angry with someone and still love them and you can even love someone you do not trust, so GOD can too. And better than we ever could.

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