Created to Reflect

We are created to reflect.

We are created to be mirrors.

But what were we created to reflect?

Are we meant to reflect the world?

We are meant to reflect God.

We are meant to be a reflection of Christ.

We are meant to be a reflection of His love.

When people look at us, we don’t want them to see us.

We want them to see Christ.

We are created to be a reflection of Christ.

What do you reflect?

Do you reflect the world?

Do you reflect the stress?

Do you reflect the worry?

Or do you reflect Christ?

Do you reflect His love?

Do you reflect His compassion?

Do you reflect His character?

What do you reflect?

4 Replies to “Created to Reflect”

  1. Hey Misty! Visiting from Five Minute Friday! Oh dear, this week was hard. Although I meant well, I’ve hurt a friend and don’t feel like I’ve reflected His love well. Thank God for his grace that covers, even when I mess up. This was a word for me. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for visiting! Yes, His grace covers our mess ups, and He can even use for good what Satan meant to use for harm. I will be praying for the healing of your friend and your relationship.

  2. Beautifully put, Misty. Found you through 5MF.


    1. Thank you, Patty!

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