God our Creator and our Provider

Read: Genesis 1:1-31

Key verses: Genesis 1:26-31

I grew up hearing the creation story. How God created the world in 6 days and on the 7th day He rested.

I have read the story many times for myself, and it wasn’t until I sat down today and read that I realized that God has never been my focus when I have been reading this story.

I would read it for enjoyment. I love the way the story moves.

I would read it for information. “God gave us this directive. Be fruitful and multiply.”

My focus many times would be on the creation rather than on God.

And in reading it that way I have missed out. I have missed out on learning more about who God is.

In reading through the story of creation, we learn 2 important things about God.

One: God is a creator. Actually, God is the Creator. Emily P Freeman describes God as the Artist in her book A Million Little Ways. We can see that here in the story of creation. God is creatively using His words to speak life. He is the One from whom everything comes. In these verses we see Him creating the wonderful world that we now live in. He created the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, the animals that roam the earth, and He created us. And He created everything so that it works together in perfect harmony.

Two: God is a provider. In verse 28, we read that God provided food for all of the creatures on the earth including man. He provided a helper for man. He gave man everything. There was nothing that man needed that the Lord didn’t provide.

And He still provides for us today! He provided me a month’s supply of food one time before I knew that I would even need it. I was struggling financially, trying to pay rent and a mortgage, but some friends went together and bought me groceries when they found out. I was still able to buy groceries, but they did it thinking that it was something they could do to aid me. Little did they know that I would lose my job within the next week and the groceries that they bought me became more necessary than any of us could have known.

How has God shown Himself to be Creator and Provider to you?


Note: The symbol photos are the unfinished ornaments that I am working on. I will share more details about them later.

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