Left Wanting More

It is the day after Christmas. The presents have been opened. The kids are content for a little while.

But it doesn’t last long. A commercial comes on TV, and they see a wonderful new toy in all its glory.

They turn to look at you, and they say, “I wanted that for Christmas! Why didn’t I get that?”

They want more.

From the moment we are old enough to want more than the bare necessities of life, we want more. We long for more.

And for me, this Christmas was no exception.

This Christmas I was left wanting more.

I was left not wanting more things, but I was left wanting more of Jesus.

When I was asked what I wanted for Christmas, I didn’t know how to answer because what I wanted for Christmas this year was more of Jesus.

Instead of wishing for things this year, I desire a closer walk with God.

Instead of an iPad or new TV or Kindle Fire, I actually wanted to give more than receive.

I wanted money to help the homeless or to buy food for families in need.

I received some nice gifts and I truly appreciate them, but I find myself thinking more about how the money could have gone to someone who needs it more.

Now to be honest, this is really a big change of heart for me that has occurred in the past year.

But this Christmas I have a soul that has been left hungry.

I am hungry to make a difference.

I am hungry to help.

I am hungry to love.

I am hungry for more of Jesus.

If you are hungry for more of Jesus, won’t you join me in the New Year as I seek more of Him?

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  1. I pray that you get closer to Jesus this year than you ever have been before!

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