The Cost of Wanting More

Read: Genesis 3:1-19

Key Verses: Genesis 3:6-13

It was perfect! They had everything that they needed, a beautiful garden to live in, perfect weather, food to eat, and they had perfect communion with God.


It wasn’t enough.

One tree. There was only one tree that they were forbidden to eat from.

One tree that gave knowledge of good and evil. One tree that gave death.

Just one tree.

Yet they looked on that tree and saw the fruit and wanted the fruit.

They weren’t satisfied with the fruit from the other trees.

They had everything that they would ever need and yet still they wanted more.

I have often wondered, “Why?” as I read this story, but then I look at my own life.

I look at all the things I have and still I want more.

I have everything that I need and still I want more.

It wasn’t the fruit that really tempted Adam & Eve but the desire to have more and to be more. They wanted more knowledge and wisdom. They wanted to be like God.

It was ingratitude, a heart that says I may have everything that I need but I still want more.

A heart that says that what has been provided for me isn’t enough

A heart that craves more and more…more money, more food, more drink, more sports, more pleasure, more toys…more always more

And yet…

Nothing ever satisfies. Nothing fills that craving for more.

And the cost of having more is having less.

For Adam and Eve the cost of having more was having less. Whereas before they had their food provided, they would now have to work for their food. Whereas before they had a beautiful Garden to live in, they would now have to find a new home. Whereas before they had life eternal, they would now have to encounter death. Whereas before they walked closely with God, they would now be separated from Him.

For us, the same is true…The more we have the more we have to give up…

We search and search for more but yet do we really need more or do we need less?


3 Replies to “The Cost of Wanting More”

  1. … … “And the cost of having more is having less.” — I like that !!!

    Dear Misty,

    Aye, there is TooMuchNess, overthetopness and busyholism everywhere now. (My own ‘thing’ is Overkill Monochromatic Lighting in Public Libraries — it causes me physical, psychological and spiritual pain) .

    Perhaps you would like to go further on this, but preferably WITHOUT involvement in the ‘Facebooks’ and Religions of this world? I have a more detailed email waiting for you. My middle name is “Change”.

    Yours, ‘Skippy’.

  2. This should appeal to those of all persuasions, on how to live life:

    1. Thank you, Alan!

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