7 Tools for Living Saturated

I had a post written and all ready to go for today when I realized that I was starting to get the cart before the horse. I was writing about living saturated without sharing what you need to live a life that is centered and focused on Christ.

There are tools that every person who wants to live a life focused on Christ needs and before I share about the changes I am slowly making in my life to live saturated in Christ I believe that we need to explore those tools.

1)    A willing heart


If you want to live a life that is focused on Christ, you have to have a heart that is open and willing to die to self and to live and walk in obedience to Him. You need to have a heart that recognizes that you sin and that you are not able to live and grow and be who you want to be without Christ.


2)    A relationship with Christ


A relationship with Christ is essential to living a life saturated with Him. We live in a society that doesn’t want to hear that they sin and that they need a savior. They want acceptance without the willingness to change and grow. They want other people to look at them and say that they can act how they want and treat others how they want and that it is alright to do that. They want to hear that God is love, but they want to also leave out the fact that God is holy.


God is holy. God cannot look upon us in our sin, but in His love for us He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to us. Jesus was born. He lived and He died a human life. He was fully human and yet fully God. The Father sent the Son so that we may have a relationship with Him.


And that relationship with Christ is essential to living a life saturated in Him.


3)    The Bible


You cannot have a relationship with someone if you don’t spend time with that person, and while there are other ways to spend time with God other than reading the Bible, none of them allow you to truly get to know Christ as well as reading and studying the Bible.


4)    A way to study the Bible


There are many ways and methods that people use to the study the Bible. You can use a guided Bible study such as Beth Moore’s Breaking Free or Lysa Terkeursts Made to Crave. You can study the Bible book by book using a method such as SOAP or GROW or the inductive method of study. We will spend some time taking a closer look at these methods in the days to come.


5)    A Prayer Journal


Prayer is another essential tool to living a life saturated in Christ, but prayer is more than just talking to God. Prayer is 2-way communication. Prayer is as much about listening to God as it is talking to Him. A prayer journal is a great way to record that conversation. There are many different ways to keep a prayer journal. From simple blank journals that you just write in to art journals, the number of ways to keep track of your conversations with God is endless.


6)    A Plan to Memorize Scripture


Your word I have hidden in my heart that I might not sin against you. Psalm 119:11


We are told to hide God’s Word in our heart, and the way we do that is by memorizing God’s Word. There are many benefits to memorizing Scripture, but It takes a plan and forethought to make it happen.


7)    A good church family


Being part of a community is another important part of living saturated in Christ. Being around like minded followers of Christ helps you to build your relationship with Christ, but you are also able to live out your relationship with Christ. Like a family is meant to provide a safe growing place for children, the church is meant to provide a safe growing place for the family of Christ. Finding a church family that provides that safe place can be difficult because we are only human, but it is well worth the search.


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