A Sign of Love

I am the primary caregiver for one of my grandmothers. I stay at home with her. I assist her with paying her bills, taking her medicine, driving, shopping, etc.

We don’t go out much. She doesn’t like to leave the house unless she has to go to the doctor and because it is my job to care for her I don’t leave the house much either. And when I do, it is not for very long since she becomes confused more easily these days.

Oh, she doesn’t need someone following her around. She just needs someone there.

We also don’t get many visitors which I find both sad and frustrating for the sake of my grandmother.

When we get a visitor, it is the highlight of my grandmother’s week. She will tell you about the visit over and over again.

It makes her feel loved and important when someone comes to visit her.

Just a visit is all that is needed. Not presents or anything else.

Just a visit tells her that she is loved.

Do you know someone who is elderly or perhaps a shut-in?

Take the time to visit them. You don’t have to bring anything. Just stay for 30 minutes or so.

It is a sign to them that they are loved.


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