ACTS of Prayer

Yesterday I attempted to answer the question, “Why pray?” and today I want to attempt to answer the question, “How do I pray?”

First I want to say that there is no right way or wrong to pray. Prayer is a conversation with God. It can be an informal act of taking your thoughts to God throughout the day, or it can be a more formal or intentional act.

There are many prayers throughout the Bible that you can model your prayers on such as the prayer of Jabez in 1 Chronicles 4 and the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6. You can rewrite Scripture so that it is a prayer. Many of the psalms are already written as prayers.

The Lord's Prayer

In the church that I grew up in we went through a study on prayer by Bill Hybels. Bill was the founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, and he taught a simple way to pray. He used the acronym of ACTS.


Adoration is the act of praising God.

Confession is the act of telling God the sins that we are struggling with.

Thanksgiving is giving Him thanks for all of the gifts that we have received.

Supplication is when we come to Him with our wants and our needs and our requests for others.

This way of praying is just one in a million different ways to pray. How you pray isn’t I was going to say that how you pray isn’t as important as just praying, but that would be wrong. The way that you arrange your prayer might not be important, but how your heart and mind is centered is important.

When you pray you need to pray in faith and love, repentant of your wrongdoings and ready to start anew, ready to be transformed. Your heart and mind have to be right.

Click here for a free printable prayer journal page.

Update: I apologize for any inconvenience in downloading the printable. I have updated the links on both the text and on the photo.

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  2. I love the prayer journal printable, but can’t get access to print it. Is there a way to make it accessible?

    1. I will check the link and see what I can do.

    2. Teresa, it should be accessible now.

  3. I too can’t access it??

    1. Savannah, Click on the link above the picture and it will take you to the download. I forgot to change the link to the picture.

  4. I accessed it and printed fine Thank you going to use it for my young girls Sunday school class-blessings to you

    1. I’m glad that you like it and glad that it is now printing fine.

  5. Melissa Holmes says: Reply

    Thank you for the printable. I will be using it with my daughters as we pray to start our school day.

  6. Shelly MacArthur says: Reply

    Thank you so much for the prayer printable! What an inspiration!

  7. Thank you! we are using this as part of a holiday advent calendar.

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