My Mission for 2014

When I was an undergrad taking courses at the local community college, I took a general business administration course. As part of this course we learned about mission statements and their importance in the world of business. As an assignment for this class, we were asked to write our own personal mission statements. We were not given any guidelines as to how to write this mission statement other than to think about what our goals were for our lives.

I wrote out this mission statement and for years I kept it on the top portion of my resume.

Now 15 years later, I am revisiting the idea of having a personal mission statement. As I think about being saturated in Jesus and I reflect on His life, everything He did was based on the mission of His life.

No, He didn’t have a mission statement written out, but He did have a mission. His mission was to be the Way, the Truth and the Life. His mission influenced every part of His life. He lived His life with His relationship with the Father as His focus and His mission before Him.

Over the last few months, I have been struggling with a sense of purpose and direction within myself, and that lack of purpose and direction has made me easily swayed by the thoughts and opinions of other people about they think that I should be doing with my life. (Although I don’t think that they know that I was being easily swayed.)

I took a class on real estate because my parents thought that I should do that. I go back and forth about going back to school and getting my Master’s degree in counseling. I have people telling me to go back into teaching preschool.

So many opinions…

So many options…And it has left me feeling lost and confused much of the time.

Well, I have to be honest and tell you that I still don’t know what my mission is, but I decided to write a mission statement anyway in the hopes that in the writing of it I would find my purpose, my calling, my mission.

I have done some research and read a few articles and blog posts about mission statements lately, and recently I came across a free ebook on Inspired to Action . The book is called Mission Statements for Mom, and while I know that I am not a wife or mom, this little book came in handy for me too.

The reasons that she gives for creating a mission statement are reasons that can be applied to anyone whether you are married or single, and she makes the steps for creating your mission statement simple and easy to do.

After reading through the book and following the steps, I have created a personal mission statement. It is a work in progress and I know that it will change throughout the coming year as my mission and purpose hopefully grow clearer, but it is the mission I have for my life right now where I am at.

I have also been working on a mission statement for the blog which I will share also although it too is still a work in progress.

My Personal Mission Statement


To saturate my life in Christ, His truth, and His ways

To walk in faith and in truth

To have a heart that is soft and willing to serve others above myself

To write words that inspires others to live for Christ

To use the talents that the Lord has given me to bring glory and honor to His name


The BarnPrincess’ Mission Statement


To encourage & inspire women of all life stages to live for Christ

To be a safe place where women can share the artistry (purpose, passions, & stories) in their lives


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