My One Word for 2014

Usually when I see something that is very popular or becoming popular I have a tendency to go the other way. I like making my own path and hate following trends and such so when I see everybody doing their 31 days posts in October or the weekly top five link-ups I have a tendency to stop and read them and then do my own thing.

So imagine how much I am surprising myself now…because I am following a new trend, a trend of choosing one word to be your focus on for the next 12 months.

I like this idea a lot because making resolutions doesn’t work for me. Year after year, I have said things like, “I’m going to lose the weight this year.” Or “I’m going to relax and enjoy life a little more.” Whatever resolution I set I end up breaking it in the first week.

But one word isn’t a resolution. It isn’t a goal. It is about character and about becoming more of who God wants you to be.

If you would like more information on this idea, I suggest heading to

So what is my one word for 2014?


My word for 2014 is the word saturated. I know it seems like a strange or funny word to choose. Most of the words I have seen other people choosing are words like believe or faith or forgiveness or happy or gratitude or intentional.

My word is saturated.

The reasons that I have for choosing this word stem back to reading Lisa Terkeurst’s book Made to Crave. In the first chapter of the book, she says,

“But here’s the significant difference between Eve and Jesus, Eve was saturated in the object of her desire. Jesus was saturated in God’s truth.”

In the last six months since reading this, God has opened my eyes to this concept of being saturated in Him, in His truth. He has shown me in innumerable ways how when I become saturated in the things of this world like TV shows, romance novels, food, etc that I quickly and easily let my relationship with Him fall by the wayside and I end up doing that which I know is wrong and don’t really want to do in the first place.

But He has also shown me that when I saturate myself in Him, in His Word, in His truth then I am more peaceful, more loving, more caring, more giving, more grateful. Really, the list could go on and on.

So my word for 2014 has become saturated.

Because I want to live my life saturated in Him

Because He is the object of my desire

Because He is everything that is good, pure, and holy

Because He knows the plans that He has for me

Because His ways are higher than my ways

Because His thoughts are higher than my thoughts

I will live saturated in 2014.


4 Replies to “My One Word for 2014”

  1. When I first read your word it brought up some negative ideas of saturated. You did a beautiful job of turning saturated into a word that truly bring beautiful thoughts. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you, Kathy! I wondered a time or 2 or 20 if I was able to get across what I meant by being saturated. It is an unusual word to choose, but then I don’t believe that I really chose it. I believe that The Lord chose it for me.

  2. Saturated in Him, what a good thing to be saturated in, the person of Jesus! Beautiful, Misty! I’m honored to have you post as you beautify the link up!

    1. Thank you, Juana! I love your link-up. I get so much encouragement from everybody’s posts.

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