My Prayer Corner

Yesterday I shared with you some of the lessons that the Lord has been teaching me about praying.

One of those is to be more intentional in praying by setting aside a regular time of prayer and by creating a space where I can go and pray.

I have started creating this space. It is almost complete. Just a couple of more touches are needed. Things like a comfortable place to sit.

But I wanted to share the space with you since I have been writing about prayer this week.

I set up a corner of my bedroom as my prayer corner. It sits on the wall opposite my bed and so I am now reminded every morning as soon as I awake about spending time in prayer.


1)    Prayer wall.

I created what I call my prayer wall. I hung a bulletin board that I had made from an old mirror frame, and on the board I am posting photos. I am using the photos as reminders of people I need to pray for & their requests are written on the back of the photos. I am also posting photos or posters to remind me of Scripture on prayer or about who God is. I am also searching for photos that represent my dreams and desires as reminders to pray for them too.


The idea is similar to a vision board concept, but my idea doesn’t focus just on creating a board of my “vision” for my life. My idea is about placing the focus on Christ and others as well as my dreams and goals. I will write another post on how to create a prayer wall.


2)   Étagère

Underneath the prayer wall, I place a small étagère that I purchased several years ago. On this shelving unit I have placed a lamp, my Bible, and books on Christian living, faith, prayer, etc. It also has my prayer journal and gratitude journal.

3)   Comfortable place to sit

I want to create a place where I can sit and converse comfortably with my Abba, my Heavenly Father. When I was child I loved curling up in my father’s lap while he sang to me or read me stories, and I want to create that same feeling in my prayer corner which is why a comfortable place to sit is important.

Do you have a special place that you go to pray? What do you keep in that area?

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3 Replies to “My Prayer Corner”

  1. Love what you have shared here. Having a special place to pray can be so helpful.
    Thanks for sharing at Essential Fridays.
    Mel from Essential Thing Devotions

  2. I really love your pray corner. I never thought about that until I read yours. That is a great ideal. I am going to start one

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