My Verse for 2014

One of the first things I am doing for 2014 as part of living my life saturated in Christ is choosing a verse to use as an affirmation or a guide for my life in 2014. The verse that I have chosen is Luke 1:37

“For nothing will be impossible with God.”

The main reason that I have chosen this verse is because I want it to serve as a reminder to me that the Lord that we serve is a great and holy God and that if it is part of His will and His plan then anything can happen.

I’m not looking for a year of miracles, but I need this reminder.  There are so many times when I lack faith or the belief that He is who He says He is and that He can do what He says that He will do.

We live in a world that doesn’t trust. We grow cynical and hard because we see all of the struggles around us and we forget that we have a God who can handle what is happening. But while we are stuck in the details of what we see, we have a God who sees the whole picture, who sees more than we ever will.

He is a God who is holy and just and filled with mercy, grace, and love. He is a God who can do anything.

So I will take this verse and put it up on my walls. I will write it in my journals, and I will carry it in my heart. And I will pray that the impossible happens in my life in 2014.

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