The SOAP Method of Bible Study

There are many methods out there that can be applied to studying the Bible. Yesterday we looked at the method of using guided or prewritten Bible studies. Today I want to introduce you to the SOAP method of Bible study.

I was first introduced to this method of Bible study through the Good Morning Girls online studies. This method is great because it can be used in correlation with other types of study. So if you desired to do a topical study on humility, you could SOAP any verses related to humility, or if you were doing a character study on Abraham, you could SOAP any verses that illustrate his faith.

So what does SOAP mean?

SOAP is an acronym that stands for:






Scripture…Read the Scriptures, but then write out the Scriptures.

Observation…Write down what you see in the Scriptures. What do you notice? Is there anything about the people or audience that stands out to you? Is there a word or phrase that you keep being drawn back to?

Application…How can you apply this to your life? What is God trying to tell you? Is this something I need to work on?

Prayer…Pray about the Scripture or rewrite the Scripture as a prayer.

The SOAP method of study is really a quick and simple method to go a little deeper into God’s Word. It is a simple way to personally meditate on God’s Word and to let it enrich your life.

I am providing a free SOAP printable for your use.

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