Why Pray?

Most of us have heard of the book The Secret and the law of attraction. According to the law of attraction, we attract things in life based on the vibrations that we send out into the universe. Our emotions are the basis for the vibrations that we send and what we attract depends on whether or not those emotions are positive or negative.

These people would have us believe that prayer is simply sending out those vibrations into the universe.

But prayer is so much more than that.

Prayer is holding a conversation with God, and a conversation is a 2-way street. You can’t hold a conversation with someone if you are the one doing all of the talking. That’s a monologue.

And prayer is more powerful than the law of attraction because you are talking to God.

I love the story of a young man named Samuel. Samuel was serving the Lord under Eli, a priest of the Lord. It was night and Eli had gone to his own place to rest. Samuel was lying down in the temple. God rarely spoke to Israel in those days, but He hadn’t left them. And it was on this night that Samuel learned that prayer was a 2-way conversation.

He is lying down and resting when he hears a voice call his name. Thinking that it was Eli he ran to Eli and said, “Here I am.” This happened 2 more times before Eli realized that it was the Lord who was calling the boy.

The Lord was trying to start a conversation with Samuel! It wasn’t Samuel who was going to the Lord. It makes me wonder how many times has the Lord called to me wanting to having a conversation with me and I didn’t hear or I miss understood.

The Lord spoke, Samuel answered.

That is powerful. That is prayer. It is 2-way. Each person is taking the time to speak. Each person is taking the time to listen.

Prayer is holding a conversation with the Almighty.

It is talking to and listening to Someone who loves you more deeply than you can fathom.

Prayer isn’t about just requesting things and hoping that they are received.

Prayer is about open, direct and honest communication with God. It is about building a relationship with Him.

And that makes it so much more powerful than positive thinking or the law of attraction.

Prayer isn’t about us & what we want. Prayer is about God & what He wants for us.

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