Don’t Give Up!

I am a dreamer. I am a planner.

I am known for making grand plans and seeing the big picture then getting overwhelmed by the details and not following through on the grand plans that I have made.

I get overwhelmed and lost in the details, the lists, the to-dos or the not to-dos.

I think that it is going to be easy and then when it isn’t I give up.

I make a decision that I want to do something, but I never really make a commitment to doing it.

Lately I am beginning to see that my life would have been so much different if I had made commitments to my plans rather than just making decisions to do something.

In friendships…in churches…in jobs…in my financial situation…I wonder what they would look like if I hadn’t given up, if I had fought for what I truly wanted instead of passively waiting or giving up when times got tough.

This past weekend I watched In Touch with Charles Stanley, and his message was on courage and not giving up.

Then when that show was over I left to go to church where our associate pastor preached on commitment. He was preaching on truly making a commitment in the context of building community in the church, but it can apply to so many different areas of our lives as well.

Now I am reading Jennie Allen’s book Restless: Because You were Made for More. I am in chapter 7 and she opens the chapter with a parable about running a race.  At the start of the race, we feel motivated and purposeful. Our focus is on Christ. After running for a while, we start to notice the runners on the side lines. Some are hurt. Some got distracted and turned off course. We lose our focus. We trip. We fall. We are hurt and we join those others on the side lines. We get comfortable on the side lines. Every once in a while someone running will call to us to rejoin them, but they don’t really stop to help so we stay where we are comfortable in our pain and occasionally finding things that keep us entertained and that temporarily make us fill fulfilled. And then a group of other runners, ones who you had passed earlier, comes to you and offers you assistance. They bandage you and talk to you about the race. A fire lights inside you and even though you are injured you pick yourself up and starting running again.

How many times have I got distracted or injured while running my race? How many times I have got thrown off track or lost sight of the reason that I am running this race?

Am I fully committed to running this race or am I keeping my options open until something better comes along?

It takes commitment to run the race that Christ has set us on.

I can’t give up when it gets hard.

Yes, there are going to be times when it gets hard, times when I get injured, and times when I need to rest.

But I need to keep my focus on Him. Remember He is the reason that I am running this race, and never give up.

It is for His glory and through His power that I can finish this race. Not mine. HIS!


4 Replies to “Don’t Give Up!”

  1. I found you through the Unite link-up and I’m so glad I did. This is beautiful. Commitment is a huge part of our walk with Christ. I’m almost done reading the Not a Fan book and commitment was a resounding theme in Kyle’s book. I’ll have to check out Jennie Allen’s book.

    Thanks so much for sharing. Wishing you a blessed day.

    1. Thank you, Jennifer! I haven’t read Not a Fan yet. Would you recommend it?

  2. This post encouraged me so much! I am a lot like you. I start things, then give up or stop. My one word this year is “Endurance.” Thank you for sharing and stopping by from Walking Redeemed’s link-up!

    1. I’m glad that my words were encouraging.

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