Hiding God’s Word in My Heart

Do you remember when you first fell in love or your last crush? Do you remember how you would hang on their every word? I would get teased by family because that person was all I would talk about. I would quote him almost word for word. If it was a long distance relationship, I would sit and read his emails over and over until I had them memorized.

The words of that person were important to me, and I would take them and hide them in my heart.

God’s Word

God’s Word!

How much more precious is God’s Word?

How much more important?

The Word of God is soul sustaining.

The Word of God is life changing.

The Word of God is life giving.

The Word of God is renewing and invigorating.

The Word of God is a love letter.

We are to treat His Word as we would the words of a lover.

We are to hide it in our hearts.

We are to renew our minds with it.

We are to take it in and memorize it.

That is one of my goals for the year, to memorize 52 passages of Scripture.

It is part of living a life that is saturated in Jesus.


Memorizing the words of Jesus, the promises of God, and carrying it in my heart is one of the tools that I can use to fight temptation. When I am sinking in doubt, depression or self-pity, I can draw on His Word.

When I forget who I am, I can draw on His Word.

When I am tied up in knots or lost and don’t know which way to turn, I can draw on His Word.

Because it is hidden in my heart.



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