So What Is Love?

A couple of years ago I made the mistake of dating someone who was not a Christian. I had pushed my relationship with Christ to the background and was living my life by what “felt” right. The only good thing to come out of that relationship was a stronger relationship with Christ.

Because he wasn’t a Christian he was constantly challenging my stance on the Bible and on being a follower of Christ. And in challenging my stance I had to get back into the Bible to find the answers that I needed.

One of the discussions that we frequently debated was on the question, “What is love?”

We go through life reading the fairy tales where the prince rescues the princess and they live happily ever after and we call this love.

We watch the romantic movies where boy meets girl and then are torn apart only to come back together again and we call this love.

We have sex with someone else and we call this love.

We get all dreamy and warm when we think about someone and we call this love.

Love is something that we all search for and we all long for.

But do we really, truly know what love is?

I have an ex who says that he doesn’t know what love is because he was never given unconditional love. But I wonder how he defines unconditional love.

I have noticed that many people seem to confuse love with tolerance. They believe that they can treat anyone badly and if that person loves them then they have to accept that treatment.

Or that if we love someone that we have to agree with everything that they think and believe. If we don’t then we don’t love them. They believe that we either fear them or hate them.

But is that really love?

When I think of love, I remember a prayer that I prayed a number of years ago. In this prayer, I asked the Lord to teach me how to love others the way that He loves others.

And in the years since that prayer, here is what I have learned about love.

1)     Love is eternal.

2)   Love is forgiving.

3)   Love is patient.

4)   Love is kindness.

5)   Love is selfless.

6)   Love is humble.

7)   Love is gentle.

8)   Love wants the best for the beloved.

Love is so much more than an emotion, feeling, action, or choice. Love is a matter of the heart.

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