God’s Comfort for the Anxious Heart

Okay! Can I just admit it?

I am a worrier.

I know that I shouldn’t be.

I know that when I am anxious it is because I am not trusting God, but there you have it.

I am a worrier.

And normally when I am worried and anxious, I drink a lot of soda. Only right now I can’t. Last week I gave it up. Last week I gave up soda for Lent because I wanted the Lord to teach me to trust in Him more and to turn to Him for comfort when I am anxious instead of drinking soda.

I expected that it would be hard. I expected that I would have withdrawals, and I expected to be tested.

What I didn’t expect was to be tested right out of the gate!

No sooner does the first day of Lent start than I had to deal with:

1)     My grandmother becoming ill and needing to be hospitalized

2)   I have had severe back pain due to a pinched nerve.

3)   And problems with my extended family.

And instead of turning to soda, I have turned to the Lord when I have felt stressed and anxious.

So what have I learned when feeling anxious?

1)     Pray about it.

I have learned that the first thing I need to do when feeling anxious is to pray.  I will be honest and say that many times my prayers end up sounding more like an argument with the Lord at times, but I always end up feeling calmer after I have prayed.

2)   Read God’s Word.

The second thing that I have been doing is turning to the Bible when I feel anxious. There is something about spending time in the Word that is soothing.

3)   Quote Bible verses

When I am on the go and feeling anxious I will frequently start quoting Bible verses or using little affirmations like “I will trust you, Lord” and “You have everything under control.”

Sometimes it takes a while (mainly because I am being stubborn), but in the end it always works.


6 Replies to “God’s Comfort for the Anxious Heart”

  1. I am a worrier too! I worry about everything, and I have an immense amount of anxiety that builds up from it. Thank you for sharing your post, and your worries with the world! We are not alone, we just have to learn how to conquer it. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Claire! It’s good to know that I’m not the only worrier out there.

  2. Our Lord does provide us great comfort and strength when we are anxious and worried about something, doesn’t He? And worship music (I love the ones you have listed here) provides a great lift for a tired and weary soul. Blessings to you and thank you for coming by my place the other day.

    1. Hi, Kim! I really appreciate the visit. He is our great Comforter, and He is teaching me so much about this aspect of Him this month.

  3. Oh so refreshing to know all our hope, our strength, all our peace can be found in Him. Thanks for sharing your testimony this week at UNITE & for your honesty and transparency. ~ Jen

    1. Thank you, Jen!

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