Praying for Lost Loved Ones

The situation that last week had me so angry now has me feeling very sad and in some ways scared.

I didn’t mention this in You Matter, but the situation that made me angry involved some of my extended family.

The majority of my extended family are not saved. I have lived with this every day of my life, but until this situation happened I had never really given any thought to it.

I have never given much thought that these people who I say I love are not going to be a part of my eternity unless they come to know Jesus. And I have to ask myself:

“Do I really love them? Do they really matter to me?”

If I say that I love them, wouldn’t I be doing something to introduce them to Jesus? If I really loved them, wouldn’t I see them as my mission field, as people that I need to reach for the Lord?

After my 6 hour discussion with the Lord last Wednesday night, I am starting to see them that way.

Why? Because they matter. Because Jesus gave His Life for them on the cross as well as for me.

So where do I start?

Where do I start sharing God’s love with them?

I start with prayer.

What am I praying for them?

1) I am praying that God will soften their hearts so that they might see their need for Him.

2) For some of them I have to pray that they realize that there is a God. Some of my family are agnostic or atheist. They either don’t believe that there is a god or they are uncertain that He exists. And they believe that if there is a god then he is a god of love who would never send anyone to hell or that they have been good enough to make it to heaven.

3) I also pray that the Lord will send people into their lives that will share God’s love with them. (Some plant the seeds, some water, some weed, and some harvest.)

4) I also pray the Lord opens up opportunities for me to share His love with them.

5) But mostly I pray the Lord softens my heart towards them so that I can love them with the same kind of love He has showered on me.

Do you have lost loved ones? Do you pray for them? Do you see them as part of your mission field?


2 Replies to “Praying for Lost Loved Ones”

  1. I’m with you on this one, Misty. We have several “tough cookies” that we are praying for.

    1. Lyli, I am grateful that the Lord awakened my eyes to this so that I can pray for them. It was such a common part of my life that I didn’t even realize I wasn’t doing all that I can do to love them and that starts with praying for them.

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