A Bookish Event

This year’s theme for the (in)RL conference is “We need Your Story.” Since this year is about building community and making connections by sharing your story, I decided that the meet-up that I am hosting will have a bookish theme when it comes to the decor. So I have searching Pinterest for bookish crafts and decor ideas. Just click on the photos to be taken to the original sites. Here are some of my favorites:

1) Mandelas or flowers made from book pages



I love the idea of creating decorations from old books. (Notice I saidĀ old books. I will only use books that are outdated or in horrible condition for crafts.) And these flowers made from book pages are right up my alley. These flowers were found on Lockerz.com, but there are many different ways to make flowers from book pages.

2) Paper covered books used as menu boards



The link to this will take you to a book-themed baby shower, but I absolutely love how they use the paper-covered books to distinguish different areas and to let people know what they are eating.

3) A Book Garland



I am not a big fan of Martha Stewart, but this book garland that I found on her site is a great idea.

4) Bookmarks from book pagesĀ 



Crafts on Squidoo has a lot of great craft ideas using book pages, but I think that these bookmarks are one of my favorites.

5) A table runner made from book pages



Nicole from Visualheart.com gives you step by step instructions on how to make your own table runner from book pages.

6) A Typewriter Guest Book



This idea was done at wedding, and I think it is a great idea and fits in perfectly with the bookish theme. My only problem is: “Where am I going to come up with a vintage typewriter?”

Some of the other things that I am doing for the meet-up include:

1) Tile coasters for a door prize


2) Flower cupcakes



3) Votives covered in book pages


4) A banner made using book pages


I also have a few other things planned that I don’t have photos for. I will be sharing them later in the week.


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