A Hunger for Connection

I am hungry.

I am hungry but not for food.

I am hungry but not for things.

I am hungry but not for activities.

I am hungry for connection.

I am hungry for relationship.

I am hungry to be heard.

I am hungry to share my story.

I am hungry to hear the stories of other people.

I am hungry for something real.

I am hungry to sit on my front porch with a close friend and a cup of tea.

I am hungry to know and to be known.

I am hungry for connection.

We have all heard the quote: “No man is an island.”

Well, it is true. We were not created for constant solitude and isolation.

We were created for relationship, and we all have to admit that we are hungry for connection. We long for someone to know us deeply and intimately and to love us anyway.

Taking care of my grandmother gives me a lot of time on my own. I love her, but I have to admit that we don’t seem to have a lot in common. Most of the time I handle the solitude well. I’m an introvert. I enjoy having a lot of time to myself, but there are other times when I long for someone to connect with.

There are times when I long for someone to call me up and invite me to lunch or to grab a coffee or tea in the morning. There are times when all I want is someone to show that they care. There are times when I hunger for connection.

But connection doesn’t just happen. Connection takes work on my part as well as on the part of others.

Connection means that I have to reach out to others even when I am afraid. Connection isn’t easy. It is usually very messy. It is hard and it is as much about loving others as it is about them loving us.

I long to show others that I love them as well as them show me that I am loved.

That is why this weekend I am doing the hard work (at least for me) and taking a chance and hosting an (in)RL conference meet-up. I am opening my home to a bunch of other women. Some of whom I have never met. I am offering them a place to come and connect with others.

The (in)RL conference is put together by (in)courage, and in the past year I have come to love the women of (in)courage. They are beautiful, brave and seek to create a safe community for women to connect. They are housewives, career women, singles, college students and missionaries. They are women in all ages and stages of life, and best of all they LOVE Jesus!

The (in)RL conference is Friday and Saturday, and it is the conference that comes to you! On Friday there is a webcast (about 1 1/2 hours) that you can watch from the comfort of your home, and then on Saturday there is another webcast that you can watch at home if you choose. But there is another option: watch it with others. Once you have registered for the conference you can search for a meet-up in your area and get together with other women to enjoy the webcast and connect with others. And it is free.

This week I am planning on sharing with you more about what I am planning for my meet-up, and if you live in the Kansas City area, I invite you to my meet-up.  Just leave a comment or send me an email and I will send you the information on the meet-up that I am hosting.




9 Replies to “A Hunger for Connection”

  1. How true that God created all of us for connection. From the very beginning he knew it was not good for (wo)man to be alone! Visiting from the link up.


    1. Hi, Beckey! Thank you for your comments. Aren’t we blessed to have a Father who knows what we need before we do?

    1. Thank you, Julia!

  2. That is just how I am feeling! That women need that connection with each other and so I have started opening my home and creating a space for women to connect and do life together.

    1. I love that you are opening your home to create a space for women to connect. That is wonderful! I’m attempting to do more of that, but it is hard because I take care of my grandmother and I never know if she is going to feel up to having company in the house.

      1. How about using someone else’s home or maybe ask your pastor if you could use the church?
        I am using my home once a month and then once every 6 months or so I will have a day at the church building.

        1. Tamryn,

          Thank you for the ideas. The church that I attend meets in a school building so that is out, but I could talk to some of my friends about starting a Bible study together.

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