Count it all Joy!

For the last several weeks I have been focusing on the comfort that the Lord provides for us in times of suffering. For the coming weeks I want to focus on one of the fruits that come from allowing God to comfort you.

I want to focus on Joy!

James tells us to count it all joy when we go through trials and sufferings (James 1:2), but how do we do that? And if trials and sufferings are supposed to be joyful, then what is joy?

What do you think of when you hear the word “joy”?

Do you think of giddy happiness?

Do you think of dancing and singing?

What if joy isn’t any of that yet still all of that?

Where does joy come from?

Is joy the same as happiness?

How do you define joy?

Are you joyful now?

And if we are depressed, can we still be joyful?

Can we be joyful all of the time even if we don’t feel joyful?

What if joy is what puts the smile on your face even as the tears are streaming down them?

What if joy is what makes you able to say that it going to be alright even as your heart is breaking?

In the weeks leading up to Easter, I want to take a closer look at Joy so that as I walk through the rest of my life I can say, “I’ve got the Joy and I count it all joy.”

I want to attempt to answer each of the questions above and probably more as I think of them.

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