Jesus is One with the Father!

My heart aches for the church today. There are so many divisions in the church that weren’t meant to be there and many times because of issues of no importance. The church was meant to be united as one and instead we are many.

The unity of the believers was important to Christ. We see this in John 17 as He is praying for the believers.

But why was it so important to Christ? Why should we be united?

Because Jesus is one with the Father.

We are supposed to be one so that the world will know that Jesus came from the Father and that the Father loves us as He loved Jesus. (John 17:23)

Did you get that? As followers of Christ, we should be united as one because Jesus is one with the Father.

It is important to understand that Jesus is not just God’s Son. Jesus is God Himself. He is one with the Father. He is God in human form. He is the manifestation of the Father (John 17:6).

That is a hard thing to grasp. That Jesus and the Father are one.

To the Jews, Jesus claim that He was the Son of God was blasphemy because it was putting Him on an equal footing as the Father.

We know that His disciples had a difficult time grasping this at the time because when Jesus was arrested and tried, they scattered. They fled in different directions and in fear for their own lives. They later came together but only after His death, and it wasn’t until His resurrection that they truly began to understand. (John 18)

And we see in this understanding in how they came together as one after the resurrection and after they received the Holy Spirit. It is what made them different from the rest of the religions. They were one in Christ just as Jesus was one with the Father.

Do we truly grasp the deity of Jesus? Do we truly grasp what He meant when He prayed that we be united as one like He is with the Father?

If we did, would it make a difference to how we related to each other? Would the concerns that divide us now be of import if we truly sought to be one with each other as Jesus is with the Father?

Now to be completely clear…I’m not talking about conformity because we are all unique individuals with talents and gifts that differ from one to another, but I am talking about coming together as one body, one community, to use the talents the Lord has given us to glorify Him.


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