Jesus is the Christ!

Today I am going to combine chapters 7 & 8 because I feel that they both point to the same aspect of who Jesus is:

Jesus is the Christ!

For thousands of years, the Jews have watched and waited for the Christ to come and set up His kingdom, but here He was among them and they did not recognize Him.

They were so focused on themselves, on their rules, regulations & traditions that they missed WHO all of these things point toward…JESUS!

They couldn’t accept for a moment that they might be wrong about Jesus and that Jesus is who He says He is…The Christ!

They were afraid because if what He claimed was true and what He was teaching was right then what they were teaching was wrong and it didn’t matter what they did, they couldn’t earn their way to heaven.

They were angry because He was stealing their thunder and the people where turning to Him and believing His teachings instead of theirs.

And they were doing what many of us still do today…They were picking and choosing what Scriptures they believed were true and which of the Commandments should be followed.

For if they loved the Lord…if we truly love the Lord…they would have recognized Jesus for who He is…the Messiah, the Christ!

But they didn’t truly love the Lord. They didn’t walk in faith and obedience. They held their traditions more important than people, and so when the Christ that they were supposedly watching for walked among them, they didn’t recognize Him.

And Jesus knew this! He knew what was in their hearts.

Jesus is the Christ. He is from the Father. And if we believe in Him, we will be saved.



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