Jesus is the Light!

The more I dig into the book of John the more I see the common themes throughout the book.

John is writing and teaching us about who Jesus is.

In the book of John, we are shown that Jesus is:

  • The Word
  • The Light
  • The Life
  • The Resurrection
  • The Son of God
  • The Son of Man
  • The Christ
  • Messiah
  • The Great Physician
  • The Great Judge
  • The Bread of Life

Many of these are repeated and stressed throughout the book of John, and in each of these we catch of glimpse of the reasons that Jesus came to earth.

In today’s chapters (John 12, 13, & 14), we see Jesus once again portrayed as the Son of Man and the Light.

As I have been reading I have been wondering about why it was so important to John that we grasp that Jesus is the Light of the world.

The light takes away the the darkness.

The light chases the shadows away.

The light makes it so we can see.

The light draws attention to things.

Jesus came to keep us from eternal darkness or separation from God.

Jesus came to chase away the shadows of our lives. He makes things known to us that were formerly hidden.

Jesus came to open the eyes of our hearts so that we can see the Father.

Jesus came to draw attention to and glorify the Father.

Jesus points the way to the Father. Jesus is the only way to the Father. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” (John 14:6)

Jesus has told us over and over again through the Gospels that He is only way to the Father and that if we want to have eternal life, forgiveness from our sins, and to be transformed then we have to believe in Him.

We can only have salvation through Jesus, His death and His resurrection. It is only because of Him that we can have the peace we seek.

He is the Light and He came to point the way to Life. He came to be the Way to the Father.



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  1. I love coming across beautiful posts like these. You testimony of the Savior really shows. Very cool. Very cool.

    1. Thank you, Leilani!

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