Jesus is…

I don’t know about you, but I am loving this look into who Jesus is and why He came.

I grew up in a Christian home so I have heard these things said about Jesus for my entire life and have read them for myself before, but to go through the book of John like this just looking for Jesus, for who He is, and why He came I am falling in love with Jesus all over again.

They seem to have deeper meaning as I look at them and then take a look to see how they have been manifested (or not) in my life.

So let’s jump into this:

Jesus is

The Great Physician (John 5:5-9)

In these verses, we read about Jesus healing a man who had been an invalid for 38 years.  We aren’t told if something happened to him or if he was born that way or even what was wrong, but we know that he had been that way for 38 years.  (That’s my lifespan.) He was sitting by the pool at Bethesda waiting patiently (if the verses are any indication because they say that he had been there for a long time) when Jesus comes by and offers to heal him. The man thinks that Jesus is offering to get him to the pool when the waters are stirred, but Jesus simply said to him, “Get up, take your bed, and walk.” Jesus didn’t need the waters to heal the man. He has the power to heal immediately with just a word.

Jesus is Equal to God. (John 5:18)

Jesus claims to be God’s Son throughout the entire book of John. It is repeated over and over and over again. By claiming to be God’s Son, Jesus is making Himself equal to God. He is saying that He is God. He is God. He was born of both the flesh (Mary) and the Spirit (God), both fully man and fully God.

Jesus is the Great Judge. (John 5:22-30)

In these verses, Jesus is explaining to the Jews that He has been given the authority to execute judgment and that unless we believe in Him, we stand condemned. He alone has been given the power over life and death.

Jesus is the Bread of Life (John 6)

As I read through John 6, I realized that the entire chapter points to one aspect of who Jesus is:

Jesus is the Bread of Life.

We see it His feeding the 5000. We see it in how the crowd follows after Him. Jesus declares Himself to be the Bread of Life, but the people don’t understand. They want signs like Moses gave to their ancestors, but Jesus tells them over and over that they don’t need those signs. They just need to believe in Him because He is the Bread of Life and if they believe in Him they will never hunger or thirst again. He tells them that they have to eat of His flesh and drink of His blood. (We understand that He is speaking of the Last Supper and our Communion, but can you imagine listening to Him then?) The people were confused and many walked away because they didn’t truly believe. They just wanted Christ for what He could do for them at the time.

(Over at Coffee for the Soul, Rosilind Jukic from A Little R & R and Missional Call goes into a much better and much more detailed description of Jesus as the Bread of Life.)

Jesus Came

To Heal (John 5:5-9)

Jesus came to heal and not only the physical but also our inward hurts. Jesus can heal with a touch or words. He can heal through other people or through His power alone. His healing may not always look how we expect it too, but it always comes when we believe that He can.

To Be persecuted (John 5:16)

It seems kind of strange thing to point out, but Jesus came to earth to be persecuted. He came to earth knowing that He would be persecuted and that He would die upon the cross, but He did anyway because He loves us. He came to face trials, tribulations and sufferings in order to pay the debt for our sin.

To do the work that the Father shows Him (John 5: 17-20)

Jesus came to work. He came down from heaven to do the work of the Father that the Father shows Him. His work included healing, teaching, preaching, and giving up His earthly life as atonement for our sins. John later says that Jesus did so much that the world could not hold the number of books that it would take to record it. We get just a small peek into His work, His life, and His glory.

To Give Life (John 5:21 & John 6)

Jesus came to give life and not just to those who were dying physically or dead in the Bible, but He came to give life to EVERYONE. Every single one of us is dying. Some of us are dead already. Jesus came to give us life, and that life is more than the physical life we lead now. The life that Jesus came to give us is eternal, abundant and more than we ever imagine. It is for the here and now and for the future and for our eternity.

To Judge (John 5:22-30)

We are not qualified to judge another person’s heart, but Jesus is and that is part of why He came. He came to judge and later He will come back to execute His judgment.

To feed the Hungry (John 6)

Jesus came to feed us. We are the Hungry. Each and every one of us has a hunger inside of us. Jesus came to satisfy that hunger if we let Him. Most people will turn to worldly things like other people, their jobs, alcohol, drugs, collections, etc in order to satisfy that hunger, but they are never truly satisfied. Jesus can satisfy that hunger. He is standing at the door knocking and waiting for us to answer so that He can come in and satisfy that hunger. Will you let Him?


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