Jesus…Nothing but Jesus!

As I said yesterday, I want to spend the next two weeks just focused on Jesus so this post is literally nothing but Jesus. We are reading through the book of John and attempting to answer the following questions:

1)     What does this reveal about who Jesus is?

2)   What does this reveal about why Jesus came?

Today we are reading through chapters 3 & 4. So pull out your Bibles and let’s get started:

Jesus is

From God (3:2)

In verse 2 of chapter 3, Nicodemus comes to Jesus and says, “Rabbi, we know that you are a teacher from God.” It seems so simplistic to say that Jesus is from God when we know that not only is He from God, He is God. But in this particular Scripture it is revealed to us that Jesus is from God.

Born of the Spirit (3:6)

Now some will argue that I might be taking this verse out of context, but Jesus says that man must be born of the Spirit to enter the kingdom of God. But when we look at in the context of all of the Gospels (especially Matthew & Luke) we know that He was literally born of the Spirit so when He says that when man must be born of the Spirit I am making a natural assumption that He is including Himself in that.

From Heaven (3:13)

In this verse, Christ states that He came down from Heaven.

The Son of man (3:14)

This is another obvious one because Christ calls Himself the Son of man.

God’s Only Begotten Son (3:16)

Once again, Christ is saying that He is the Son. He is also stating that He is the Father’s only Son.

The Light (3:19)

In John 1, we learned that John referred to Jesus as the Light. Here in verse 19 Christ is also referring to Himself as the Light.

The Bridegroom (3:29)

In verse 29, John the Baptist refers to Christ as the Bridegroom and himself as the friend of the Bridegroom.

The Living Water (4:10)

Upon reading this verse, it is not obvious that He is the Living Water, but it is obvious that He is the Provider of the Living Water.

Omniscient (4:17-19)

This is another one that isn’t obvious and some would argue with me, but this is just one example of how Christ already knew about this person before He came face-to-face.

The Messiah (4:26)

Another obvious one, the woman asks about the Messiah, and Christ states that He is the Messiah.

The Savior of the world (4:42)

The Samaritans proclaimed that Jesus is the Christ, the Savior of the world after spending 2 days listening to Him teach.

The Giver of Life (4:50)

In verses 47-54, we hear the story of a nobleman whose son was at the point of death. Jesus gave the boy his life.  He didn’t tell the man that his son was healed. He told him that his son lived.

Jesus came

So that we may be born of the Spirit (3:6)

To be lifted up (3:14)

To save the world (3:17)

To shed light on our deeds (3:20-21)

To speak the words of God (3:34)

So that we may have everlasting life (3:36)

So that God’s wrath does not remain on us (3:36)

So that we can partake of the Living Water (4:14)

To bring salvation (4:22)

To do the will of the Father (4:24)

To finish the work of the Father (4:34)

To bring life (4:47-54)

I’m not going to expand on the reasons He came. To me, they seem obvious when you read the verses, but if you have any questions about how I came to those conclusions I would be happy to show. Just leave a comment.

Do you see anything about Jesus that I might have missed in these verses?  What has the Lord revealed to you when you read them? Please share.


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