Sex & the Single Christian Girl (The Single Life link-up)

I just finished reading the book, Sex and the Single Christian Girl, and I have to tell you I wish this book had been written years ago. It is not like any other book on purity that I have ever read.

In Sex and the Single Christian Girl, Marian Jordan Ellis seeks to create a vision for single Christian women in the fight for purity. She points out the reasons that we should be fighting to keep ourselves pure should be based in God’s love for us and our love for Him. She teaches that this fight is about more than our physical purity, but it is a fight for our souls. This is spiritual warfare we are talking about when talking about purity and she works to help us arm ourselves for this battle.

Marian shares her heart on the subject of purity in a loving way, but she also doesn’t pull her punches. She shows you exactly what the Bible says on the topic of purity and sex, and she uses examples from her own life to illustrate her points. She is open and honest about the battle she herself faced as a single Christian woman.

I found this book to be very convicting on the issue of sexual sin, but the good thing about conviction is that it leads to repentance. I could see myself, my struggle with this issue throughout her entire book. I was the good little Christian girl who was raised to know better but didn’t recognize the battle for what it was and believed the lies that Satan was telling me.

I strongly recommend that single Christian women of any age pick up this book and read it. Let God use to show you how to fight for purity in your own life.

Sneak Peak:

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I received a free copy of this book for review from Bethany House publishers, but all thoughts and opinions about the book are mine.


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2 Replies to “Sex & the Single Christian Girl (The Single Life link-up)”

  1. “this fight is about more than our physical purity, but it is a fight for our souls.” So true like so many of the things society takes lightly. How do you fight the devil without Jesus? It’s not possible.

    1. You’re right. It’s not possible to fight the devil without Jesus. It is only in Him that victory in any spiritual battle can be won.

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