I’m not sure what to write. I had this idea of posting ways to bless others, but honestly, you all don’t need me to tell you how to bless other people.

I can give you lists galore of ways to help others. I can share with you information about thousands of different organizations that can use your support, but that’s not what is needed. There are probably thousands of lists like that anyway.

Lift your head up and look around you. See those people. They need you. That’s all you really have to do. When you do, you will see how you can help others.

If you truly want to be a blessing to other people, the easiest and best piece of advice I can give you is this:


Be you, and you will be BeYOUtiful!

I love seeing this version of the word “beautiful” because it is such a great reminder that if you want to be beautiful then all you have to do is be you.

When it comes to blessing others, what matters most isn’t how much money you give or how much time you spend volunteering. While those things are great, are you being you?

Are you being who God created you to be?

Are you doing the good works that He created you to do?

Each of us has different gifts. Each of us has different personalities. Each of us has different talents and interests.

He crafted some of us with artistic abilities. To some He gave musical abilities. To others, He gave know and understanding of the world around us.

Some of us were born to be mothers. Some are teachers. Others are bankers or accountants.

Each of us has something that we are good at. Each of us has an area we excel in.

The Lord created each of us to be unique and special. He gave us gifts and talents to share with the world.

You want to bless somebody? Then…be YOU!

Be yourself. Help people in a way only you can even if it is just smiling at a stranger in Wal-Mart.

Be present where you are. Do what you can do.

Don’t try to copy other people. Don’t try to be something you are not just because you think everyone else is doing it or that you think you have to in order to be the “perfect” Christian.


Be obedient to what the Lord has called you to do.

Be who God created you to be.

And in doing so you will bless others along the way.

Be you and be beYOUtiful!



5 Replies to “BeYOUtiful!”

  1. Yes, yes, and yes! I loved this. Thanks for being so beYOUtiful, Misty! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Tarissa!

  2. Nicely stated… we often lose ourselves as we try to become something totally different and new… but God’s already created us perfectly… we just need to focus on Him and He will shine perfectly in us.

    Thanks for sharing with Salt & Light!


    1. Thank you, Marissa!

  3. God created each of us unquine and gave us gifts. Some He has called others he has Chosen. Just me you in all of this.

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