You’re Invited!!!

I can’t wait! The excitement is building!

We have been talking and sharing about community and sharing your stories and shining our lights.

We have been talking about being a blessing and loving others.

We have been talking about opening our hearts and building friendships and community.

Now it’s time. It’s time to come together online anyway through (in)Couragers community groups.

The (in)Couragers community groups are groups where women can come together and share what the Lord is doing in their lives. They are places where new friendships can be born and old friendships can be renewed.

I participated in my first (in)Courager group this year, and now I am blessed to be part of the team leading that same group. Through my (in)Courager group I have met women around the globe who are walking a similar path I am. I am forming friendships with many women who I would never have met otherwise.

We are coming together and encouraging each other in our walks with the Lord. We are praying for each other and forming friendships that will bless each other no matter how long or short they are.

The group that I am a part of is called (in)Joy, and it is a group for single women. But there are many other groups that you can participate in. There are groups for moms, empty nesters, and every woman in between.

Visit the (in)Couragers Group Page today to find a group for you. Register and start building an online community of friends.


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