Every Story Intertwines

I’m the family genealogist. I love history. I love researching and finding the connections between families and people, but what I love most of all about researching my family history is the stories.

As I sit down and research each family member just discovered, I am uncovering part of their story. With each new birth date, marriage, or death, I am learning more about how a family developed, but then there are the hidden stories that very few know about.

The great-grandfather who was declared insane and placed in a mental institution…

The family who was split and the children who were living with an aunt and uncle because they were not safe at home…

The confusing story of a family divorce…The family says that she ran off with another man—never to be seen or heard from again—or the court records which state that they are divorced because of abuse.

My grandfather’s stories of serving in World War II as an airplane mechanic…His pictures of Okinawa after the explosion brings tears to my eyes.

And the list of stories could go on and on…

The ancestor who would be king

The frontiersman who roamed near and far

Each story is important. Each story plays a role in who I am and where I am at today.

Each story leads to my story.  Without them I wouldn’t be here. Without them I wouldn’t have a story.

But I do.

I am here. Right where I am supposed to be, and I have a story.

My life is my story.

Your life is your story.

It’s important.

It touches many people and becomes a part of their stories in some way.

If you are a parent, your story leads to your children’s stories.

If you are single, your story connects you to the stories of your friends.

Each story connected. Each story intertwined.

Each moment

Each life





A part of His plan


Swirling together

Like a dance

Or a painting

Shifting and changing as life moves

Once together

Then away

Who’s story are you touching today?

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  1. I love to research my family history on my moms side and my dads side both. Like your post.

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