How To Create a Digital Vision Board

At the end of chapter 1 in You Are Made for a God-Sized Dream, Holley Gerth gives a little assignment. She recommends creating a vision board of your God-sized dreams.

Vision boards are fun and easy to make. Most of the time people just cut out pictures from magazines or print them out from their computer. And then paste them on to poster board. These are great, but they can take up a lot of room.

I like to create my vision boards digitally. I have tried to create them using PowerPoint and Word, but my favorite way to create a digital vision board is done using Pinterest and Polyvore.

You can create a vision board in just a few steps.

Step 1: Create a Pinterest board for your God-sized dreams.

I created a secret board on Pinterest for my God-sized dreams, but your board doesn’t have to be a secret board.

Step 2: Begin adding pins to your new Pinterest board.

I have added pins from other boards and searched for specific things. I also uploaded pins from my computer.


Step 3: Go to Polyvore and download the add-on for your browser so you can clip photos to Polyvore.

Step 4: Clip your pins from your Pinterest board to Polyvore. 

Step 5: Go to Create-Set. 

After you open the page to create your set, you should see this:


If you click on the My Items tab, you will find the items that you clipped to Polyvore. After clicking on the My Items tab, you can just drag the items to where it says “Create a Collage.” To add text, click on the “Fashion” tab and click on Texts under Embellishments.


Step 6: Save draft or publish your vision board.

Once you hit publish you will see this:


You title your board and write a description. Then you have to choose a category: Fashion, Home, Beauty, or Art & Expression. I choose Art & Expression for this type of set.

If you want to save a copy of it on your computer after you have published it, go to your profile and right click on the photo of your board. Then click on “Save Image as…” and download to your computer. Then you can print it out or use as your background image on your computer.

My finished board:


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  1. This is really creative! Thank you for this. I would love to create something like on my own. =)


    1. Thank you, Jen!

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  3. This has inspired me to pray and create a God Size Dreams vision board!

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