All the Write Questions {a blog hop}

There is a great blog hop going through the blog-o-sphere, and last week I was asked to take part in the blog hop by my friend Laura Connell at God’s Girl. Laura is wonderful and so is her blog so if you get a chance I highly recommend stopping by her blog to say “hi.”

As part of this blog hop, we are asked the following four questions:

1)     What am I writing or working on?

2)   How does my work differ from others of its genre?

3)   Why do I write what I write?

4)   How does my writing process work?

Then comes the best part of the blog hop…I get to introduce you to 3 of my favorite bloggers.  This makes it such a great way to pay it forward to those whose writing is currently blessing my life.

1)    What am I writing or working on?

Where do I start? I’m currently working on series for Thursday’s The Single Life on Becoming a Godly Woman. We are looking at common Bible verse that address women like Titus 2:3-5 and Proverbs 31. Since the majority of these verses are usually applied to married women, we are looking at how those of us who are single can apply them to our own lives.

I’ve also been working on pulling together a business plan for the blog to use as a guide for setting goals and expanding the blog, and I’ve started spending time writing some poetry.

When I’m not writing, I’m taking care of my grandmother and my niece and nephew. The last few days I have been playing a lot of Mario Cart and The Lego Movie game on the Wii. When school starts, I won’t have my niece & nephew and will be back to spending more time on expanding my blog.

2)    How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My blog is a faith blog, and most of the faith bloggers I know are married women so right off the bat a big difference between my blog and other faith blogs is that I’m single.

The difference between me and other single Christian bloggers is that I don’t focus on dating and getting married. Not all of the other single Christian bloggers that I have read focus on dating and getting married, but it seems to be a big part of the single bloggers realm.

But the biggest difference between my blog and other blogs is simply that I’m me. I’m unique. My story is unique. There has never been and never will be anyone else exactly like me. There is no one who has had the exact same experiences or the exact same personality as I do.

3)    Why do I write what I write?

What I want to do with my blog is to encourage and inspire women (no matter their marital status or season of life) to live a godly life. I want women to be able to see themselves the way that the Lord sees them and to find courage in that.

I also want to encourage Christian singles to live for Christ in their daily lives and focus on Him because when we are focused on Him then His will is prevalent. If marriage is part of His dream for us then He will find a way to make it happen. I want to help them see that being the right person is more important than finding the right person.

But mostly I write because I love the Lord, and I want to share His story with others.

4)    How does my writing process work?

I’m a free writer. For those who don’t understand what that means. It means that I usually just sit down and let the words flow. I think that is part of the reason that I have taken to writing more and more poetry lately.

About once a week I sit down and come up with topics for my blog posts (usually for the next week; occasionally for the month). I have recently started using a blog content planner to start outlining some of my posts, but those are usually the posts that are part of a series or posts that I have specific points that I want to make.

When it comes time to write though, I generally just sit down and start writing. I also proofread and edit as I’m writing. I will write for a while and then go back through and read it, making changes as I read. I like my writing to have a flow or a rhythm to it without a lot of abrupt transitions so editing as I write usually works for me.

I also like to tell stories and draw pictures with my writing. I want my readers to not just read the words on the screen, but to be able to picture it in their minds. I don’t know if I accomplish it or not, but that’s what I aim for.

Now I want to introduce to 3 of my favorite bloggers. I have to tell you that it was really hard to choose because there are so many great bloggers out there.

Sue Donaldson


Sue would like to invite the world to her table, but she’s married to a darling introvert–Mark, the man-in-plaid–who’s been remodeling their home for the last nine years (still married, btw) and he prefers one-on-one. Sometimes he gets his way. When not inviting, Sue loves a good mystery, French Roast coffee, and shopping with her three daughters–Bonnie, 25- Bethany, 22- and Mary Grace, 18. With girls, she’s either at the bank or on her knees. Sue’s blog: exists to display the inviting heart of God, the Ultimate Host. With the remodel in constant flux, she’s added a new women’s retreat series to her list: “Remodeling I0I: Building a Heart Like His.”
Favorite books: My Utmost for His Highest, The Seeking Heart, The Pursuit of God, To Kill a Mockingbird
Favorite past times: blogging, speaking at women’s retreats, meeting someone new

Lauren Parsley

Lauren @ For My Good & For His Glory
Lauren @ For My Good & For His Glory


My name is Lauren.  I am 24 nearly 25 (my birthday is this month) years old.  I graduated Heartland Baptist Bible College with a Church Education degree 3 years ago, and planned on working at a Christian School and with kids in a church full time, but God had other plans.  Though I had several opportunities the Lord has made it clear that is not what He has for me right now. (though I do get to work with kids at my church in Sunday School and bus)  I currently work as a secretary for my Dad.  The Lord has blessed me with a house of my own, and though I am still single I am enjoying life. I blog at For My Good & For His Glory.

Joy Pedrow


Joy Pedrow is a college senior at the University of South Florida. During college she has seen Jesus positively impact her life in many ways! He has brought her redemption, healing, hope, and a purpose. She feels called to encourage and motivate women in their walks with the Lord and hopes to accomplish this through her own ministry, Joy Pedrow Ministries. You can check out her blog: or find her on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Joy invites you to join her on this life long mission of finding joy in the journey. 




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9 Replies to “All the Write Questions {a blog hop}”

  1. Hi Misty! I found you through the R & R blog hop. So fun to “meet” you here, and I look forward to keeping up with your blog. What is a blog content planner? That sounds really handy. <3..amanda

    1. Hi, Amanda! A blog content planner helps you with planning individual blog posts. The one I have been using has areas for title, category, publish date, keywords, main points, ideas & notes, to do, to design, to photograph, etc. I found it at It is starting to come in really handy. I’m a planner until it comes to writing so I’m just starting to get myself more organized on the blog.

  2. thanks for blog hopping me, misty! you are a great displayer of God’s unique creatively and I know He delights in you! single til 35, as you know, and it is a great way to know God as all we need and makes me a unique wife/mom (at least my girls aren’t interested in getting married yet! ha!) let me know how I can help serve you in your ministry. and i know I ‘ll learn from you, as well.

    1. Thank you, Sue!

  3. ps – do you have an idea or tool for helping me organize social networking – like which blogs did i comment on, when, and link to? overwhelming…

    1. Unfortunately I do not. I’m still working on finding something because I really need something too. Between blog hops, link parties & social media I’ve been feeling overwhelmed.

  4. Hi Misty – I am visiting from R & R. I have so enjoyed reading so many of the posts in this blog hop. It is fun to read about different bloggers & their writing process. No matter what we all may have in common, our journey is still unique & our very own. I also enjoyed meeting so many new bloggers as friends were introduced. So glad you did it too! Blessings!

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  6. Thank you for choosing me! I love this blog hop idea! Very cool! I’m so glad we have connected through this blogging world. If you ever need anything, let me know. <3

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