Dreaming God-Sized Dreams {week 5}

When I think of the many dreams that I have, I become overwhelmed and I start to wonder if those dreams are worth it. I also wonder which dream I should be pursuing and how the dreams that I previously pursued and the dream that I am currently pursuing tie together.

We are down to our last three chapters of You’re Made for a God-Sized Dream, and in the chapters we are reading this week Holley explores many of the concerns that I have.

Why Your Dream Is Worth It

Throughout the book Holley has given us reminders about why our dreams are important and why they are worth pursuing. In chapter 9, she focuses on 5 reasons that your dream is worth it.

1)    Because God doesn’t have a plan B for you

There is no backup plan for you and your dream. If you don’t pursue your dream, the dream is not going to happen. It’s your dream. It was given to you by God for a purpose. It is His plan for you, and you need to embrace it and be obedient to this calling.

2)   Because you will never feel closer to God than when you’re pursuing a dream

A God-sized dream is an invitation. It is an invitation for you to step out in faith, and it is also an invitation for you to get to know God in a new and more intimate way. When you say yes to your God-sized dream, you are diving into an adventure with Jesus and it can revive you and your spiritual journey.

3)   Because dreams make you come alive

“We are made for a purpose, and until we are intentionally pursuing it, we feel half alive. We are dreamers waiting for someone to wake us up so the real adventure can begin.”—Holley Gerth

I can attest to this. When I was pursuing my dream of opening a child care center, I felt alive. I felt happy and even when things went wrong I still felt positive since then I have struggled with feeling alive. I’m starting to think that is one of the reasons that I struggled so much in my last few jobs. I didn’t feel alive anymore.

Since starting this blog and beginning to write, I have started to feel alive again. I am dreaming again and pursuing a dream.

4)   Because regrets hurt more than risk

If you ask an older person what they regret the most in life, it is usually the things that they didn’t do. If you step out in faith and it doesn’t turn out like you expected or planned, you were obedient and took a risk. God is the one in control of the results, not you.

5)   Because it’s not really about you

This dream is not about you…well, not completely. This dream is about the One who gave it to you. This dream is about the Lord and about Him expressing a part of who He is in a way that can only be expressed through you. You are a light and you are meant to illuminate Him.

God-Sized Dreams Stories

This had to be my favorite chapter. Many of these stories are ones that I have already read or heard through (in)courage and other blogs, but to read them again and look at them with the eyes of a God-sized dreamer was wonderful. Each of the dreamers has a wonderful story. Here some of the things that I picked up from each of the stories:

Kristen: The journey to your God-sized dream matters more than the destination.

Heather: “There is no way to do your God-sized dream perfectly, but there are a million ways to do it well.”

Keri: Do it afraid. It’s about trusting God and stepping out in faith. One step at a time until those fears are overcome.

Bonnie: No matter where your dream takes you have joy.

Kristen W:  “God gives us dreams a size too big so that we can grow into them.”

Angie: Take baby steps. Start dreaming with your eyes closed. Then dream with them open. Then maybe one day you can dream through the eyes of those around you.

Dee: God’s timing is perfect. Focus on Him and learn to be content in the ordinary and then He will open doors to the extraordinary.

Mela: It’s never too late for God-sized dreams.

Ashley: Even in the middle of a desert, God has a dream and a plan for you.

What do you think are some other things that make pursuing your God-sized dream worth it?

What are some lessons that you have learned in pursuing your God-sized dream?

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  1. I believe the God-sized dream has to glorify God. That is what I have to watch out for: that I’m not focusing on myself and rather listening for God’s leading and being flexible to shift plans where He leads. That, to me, takes the most effort – really listening for His voice.

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