My God-Sized Dreams

Yesterday we finished our reading of You’re Made for a God-Sized Dream by Holley Gerth, and I thought that today as a conclusion to the series I would share with you some of my dreams and the strategies that I am still working on in order to pursue those dreams.

Being a Wife

Ever since I was a little girl I have desired to be a wife…although I never really gave a lot of thought about what it meant until I was older. I always assumed that I would meet someone shortly after graduating high school or college and that I would be married. Well, I’m getting closer and closer to 40, and I will admit that it is still a dream.  I’m single and never married.

Right now I don’t have any strategies on how to make this dream come true, but I’ve starting praying about it again.

Being a Mother

Now I have to admit…that I do have a plan for becoming a mother whether I ever marry or not. I plan on adopting at some point in my life. Right now I am working on getting my finances in order and trying to figure out some other plans in my life, but I have been researching and reading about adoption so I can be prepared.

Being a Writer

I have always been a storyteller. Reading and making up stories is what got me through school, and so becoming a writer has always been a dream of mine. My mom used to tell me that she thought I needed to write children’s books, but in high school, I pushed the dream of writing aside. I decided that I didn’t have what it took to be a writer because of the comments and actions of one of my high school English teachers.  About 5 years after graduating high school, I was taking some online courses through the local community college and my English professor like one of my essays so much that he said it was worthy of publication, and that comment started me to wondering about becoming a writer again.

Now I am writing here on this blog, and I have a dream of writing a book. In order to improve the blog and my writing, I am currently in the process of writing a business plan for the blog. I’m reading through Crystal Paine’s 21 Days of Discipline, and my mega project is writing the business plan. The business plan will outline everything from my vision to specific strategies to implement to increase readership to educating myself on writing and blogging. I then plan on using the business plan to set goals for the blog.

As far as writing a book is concerned, I am still working out my strategies for it. I am torn between starting with a fictional story and writing a book along similar lines to the blog. Thanks to one of my college internships I already have an outline started for the non-fiction, but I have also started character development for a fictional story.

Owning a Bookstore & Gift Shop

I love books and being surrounded by books makes me happy. When I was in middle school, I actually made money by selling books in an antique mall. (My parents owned the antique mall.) I had a large area of books for sell, and you could frequently find me reading those same books instead of straightening the shelves like I was supposed to be doing.

I think that is where I got the idea to one day open a bookstore. It is not a dream for now (although that would be lovely). It is a dream for the future. I have always pictured it as something that I would do when I was ready to retire so I haven’t even started planning it.

Opening a Home for Teen Mothers

This dream didn’t come into being until about 2 years ago, but looking back I can see how the Lord has been preparing my heart for something like this. It is still in the dreaming stage. I’m just starting to envision it, where it would be located, how it would be run, and even if it would be more than a home. I’ve been wondering things about adding life skills classes and the possibility of a daycare center for the babies while the girls are in school or working (both of which would be required). I have also been wondering about the possibility of having apartments to help the young women transition to being on their own.

Those are just a few of my dreams, and for most of them I’m still in the dreaming stage or just starting to pull together some strategies.

What are some of your God-sized dreams? Where are you at in your journey?

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