The Single Life: The Fruit of the Spirit & Biblical Womanhood

When beginning a discussion of Biblical womanhood, most people immediately turn to Proverbs 31 or Titus 2, but I want to begin our discussion with Galatians 5:22-23. Most of you will probably recognize these verses as the ones that list the fruit of the Spirit, but before we get into that I want to discuss my personal opinion of the term “Biblical womanhood.”

I personally don’t like the term “Biblical womanhood.” I know that it is a hot term or topic lately, but I don’t like the term. I have nothing against the women who use the term. I just don’t care for the term myself. When I hear the term “Biblical womanhood” I don’t think of becoming a godly person which is what I believe that most people mean when they are discussing this topic. When I hear the term “Biblical womanhood” my thoughts immediately go to the women in the Bible, and I think about living the way that women did in the Old Testament. Because I don’t care for the term I will from here on out be using the term “godly woman.”

Now back to Galatians 5:22-23.


I have 2 reasons for including these verses in a discussion about becoming a godly woman.

1)     Whether we are married or single these are characteristics that should be seen in everybody’s life if they claim to be a godly person.

2)   When we are reading through other verses that are addressed to how a godly woman behaves or acts we should be looking for these characteristics to be shown. There can and will be other characteristics seen in other verses and not all of these characteristics will be seen in other verses, but these characteristics are the ones that should truly set us apart from non-godly women.

Let’s now take a look at the characteristics:

1)    Love

Are you a loving person? When we are followers of Christ, we are commanded to love the Lord and to love other people as we love ourselves. It is one of the first things that others look for when we tell them that we are Christians, and while there is a lot of confusion in this world about love, we can all agree that it is important and that it is something we long for and enjoy showering on others.

2)   Joy

“The joy of the Lord is my strength.”

A godly woman is a joyful woman. The thing is that we often confuse joy with happiness. Joy goes deeper. Joy is what enables us to put a smile on our face even when it seems like our world is caving in around. It doesn’t mean that we pretend things are fine and that we are always happy, happy, happy, but it means being able to carry on even in the midst of our pain.

3)   Peace

A godly woman is also a woman at peace. She is at peace with herself and her world. She might not always seem calm and peaceful, but she has a peace within her that surpasses all understanding.

4)   Patience

A godly woman is a patient woman. How do you handle waiting? How do you interact with children especially one in the middle of a tantrum?

5)   Kindness

Are you a kind person? Do you enjoy helping others? Do like to encourage others? Are you there when someone needs a shoulder to cry on? A godly woman is a kind woman.

6)   Goodness

Are you a good person? I have always related goodness to being nice, but I have been reading No More Christian Nice Girl lately. As I have been reading this book, I have started to realize that there is a difference between goodness and being nice. A good person is a person who does for others out of love.

7)   Faithfulness

A godly woman is a faithful woman, and it doesn’t just extend to being faithful in a marriage. Are you faithful in the daily tasks set before you? Are you faithful in your relationship with Christ? Are you faithful in being who you are?

8)   Gentleness

A godly woman is a gentle woman. Usually when I hear the term “gentle” I think of something soft and cuddly or a woman who is soft spoken, kind to animals, loves children, etc. But I think that gentleness also means being tender and vulnerable. In some ways it means taking a risk because when you are a gentle person there is a greater chance of being hurt.

9)   Self-control

A godly woman has self-control. She doesn’t let her emotions determine her behavior. She stops and thinks before acting. She learns to express herself, her thoughts, her feelings, etc in ways that are constructive, not destructive.

Being a godly woman is about so much more than what we do. It is about more than whether we are married or single or whether we work inside the home or outside the home. It is more than a list of do’s and don’ts.

Being a godly woman is about the characteristics (the fruit) that are being shown in our lives. We are not perfect and won’t be this side of heaven, but when people look at our lives do they see any of these characteristics? Do they see something different inside of us?

Or do they simply see a list of do’s and don’ts and an attitude of judgment?


Now it’s your turn…


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7 Replies to “The Single Life: The Fruit of the Spirit & Biblical Womanhood”

  1. I prefer “godly woman” too, now that you mention it. Funny that we both talked about the fruit of the Spirit in our linkups today. You’ve helped me understand joy here a bit better, one I have been struggling to understand: how does a serious person (not bubbly) display joy. I think you have given me a hint on what real joy means. I’m sure God has led me here for that reason 🙂

    1. Laura, I think we all get joy confused with happiness, and they really aren’t the same things. Joy goes deeper.

  2. Hi Misty! I’m here from Laura’s “pay it forward” and agree with you that the bible talks much more about the fruit of the spirit and how others will know we are Christians …. than focusing on labels. Nice to meet you!

    1. Hi, Amy! It’s nice to “meet” you.

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  4. Great call on changing the terminology to “Godly woman.” I dig it 🙂 I think I struggle most with self-control when it comes to emotions and food– but hopefully as I continue to work with Jesus on it, He allows others to see the fruit.

    Thanks for sharing your great thoughts over at #EverydayJesus, Misty. Blessings to you, girl!

    1. Thanks, Sharita! Every time I hear the term “Biblical womanhood” I become more and more uncomfortable with it. I struggle the most with joy, but I find that how joyful I feel is directly tied to how grateful I am feeling and where my focus is.

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