The Written Word

From a young age, I have loved to read. As a teenager, I would read anything I could get my hands on.

I also had an active imagination and could frequently be found acting out my imaginings or making up new lyrics to songs, but I usually didn’t remember to write them down.

In junior high, I started writing essays and stories. In high school, I learned to hate it.

As a young adult, I was frequently told that I should be a writer. I frequently answered, “No.”

But inside me there has always been a love of words and stories. Whether writing my own or reading someone else’s, the written word has been a powerful part of my life.

The written word has power in ways that speaking words does not. The written word has the power to transform lives, and not just the lives of those in listening range but the lives of everyone who reads them. The written word lasts and lingers long after the spoken word is gone.

The written word has the power to take us on a journey. It can take us to faraway lands or imagined planes. It can take us into the lives of people we have only heard about. It can take us from penthouse apartments in Manhattan to cardboard box houses in the landfills of Mexico.

The written word has the power to affect our emotions. It can take us to the highest highs and the lowest lows. It can make us laugh and then in the next instant it can make us cry.

Through the written word we learn more about ourselves and we learn more about others.

Whether we are writing a simple note to encourage a friend or writing a book to tell the world our story, our written words have meaning and power. They touch lives and hearts.

Never think that your words don’t matter. Spoken or written they have power…the power to touch lives. The next time you sit down to write, whatever it may be, remember that your words have power and then write.



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  1. Words are so amazing… I’m right there with you, loving to write and yet not really a writer. Thanks for sharing with Salt & Light


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