For Eternity’s Sake

For the past week whenever you turned on the news, you would hear about the death of Robin Williams, the death of a young man named Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, and the deaths of thousands of people in Iraq. The news has been full of death.

And thinking about all of this death has led me to thinking about eternity and choices.

This weekend I was reading a book by Lori Wick called Jessie. It is a Christian novel about a young woman named Jessie and her life in Montana in the 1880’s. As I was reading the book I came across this quote which seemed to sum up my thoughts about eternity and choices:


Everything we do should reflect Christ and draw people to an eternity with Him, but rarely do we give thought to eternity when we are making our choices and acting on those decisions. Children are raised with little thought to the future and the adults that they will become. From the way we treat ourselves to the way we treat others, we act in the moment with little thought to the future, with no thought to eternity.

How many opportunities have I missed to speak to someone about Jesus? How many times has my behavior reflected my own sinful and selfish heart instead of His love?

While I have the assurance of where I will spend eternity, my choices don’t always reflect that.

Our actions here have a direct impact on eternity. Our actions here have an impact on who will spend eternity in heaven with us. Our actions here have an impact on who will spend an eternity in hell.

To the atheist there is no such thing as eternity because after death there is nothing so it doesn’t matter how we treat ourselves or others. According to them our choices and our actions don’t matter because there is no eternity.

To the agnostic, there is uncertainty about eternity because they don’t know if there is even a god, but they believe that their choices matter because if there is a god then surely being a “good” person will get them into heaven.

To the deists, eternity is real, but our choices and our actions don’t matter because no matter what we say, do, or believe God is a god of love and everyone will be in heaven.

Other religions have their beliefs about heaven and eternity too, but to the Christian, eternity means more than just making it to heaven. Eternity means Christ. It means choosing to believe that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

And as a Christian, our choices and our actions should be based on eternity.  If you are anything like me though, most of the time they aren’t.

Most of the time I seem to base my choices on my feelings or what I want in the moment. I give little thought to how my decision will impact me tomorrow much less how my decision will impact others or draw them to Christ.

But when I am interacting with others, when I am writing this blog, when I am alone, I should be thinking about Christ and eternity. I should be thinking about how my choices and my decisions in this moment will influence someone for eternity.

Does my behavior reflect the light of Christ? Do I treat others with respect and compassion? Do I love others like Jesus loves me?

Am I drawing others to Christ or am I pushing them away?

Am I only focused on the now? Or am I remembering that it’s about eternity?

3 Replies to “For Eternity’s Sake”

  1. AMEN, sister!! I love your description of eternity! I agree with you also that it’s a constant struggle, with our human nature, to live out our true beliefs about eternity. Without the help of the Holy Spirit, we could not do it! I also like your explanation of how other major religions look at eternity…it’s so sad, without having that hope and meaning to life itself. Thanks for sharing. Followed you over at “Sunday Stillness)

  2. It is always great when a book we read helps to pull together other worldly issues and process them more fully.

    Thanks for sharing with Salt & Light


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