Going Back to the Basics

I spent the past week reading the Left Behind series. I have read the series before. Several times, in fact, but as I was reading it this time, it set off some emotions in me that were unexpected and surprising.

As I was reading sections of the book where believers were persecuted for refusing the mark of the Beast, I was in tears. Now for those that know me that’s not really all that surprising, but what was surprising to me was the reason that I was in tears.

I was in tears because a part of me was envious of them. Oh, I know that they are just characters in a book, and I wasn’t envious of them dying (or at least the way that they died).

But I envied them their courage…their bravery. These men and women stood up for their beliefs even when it meant that they would die. They believed that Jesus is the Christ, the risen Savior, and they spoke out and live it out even though it meant certain death.

As I was reading, I began thinking of the men and women who are living in prisons today or who have been sentenced to death in countries from Egypt to China. These people would rather die than deny Christ, and many of them do.

Their courage and faith put me in awe, and I feel envious of their strength of character and their deep faith.

I have begun to wonder what it would be like to have a faith a like that. I know that I share about my faith from behind the screen of a computer and that I usually have no problem telling people what I believe, but sometimes I wonder if I would have the same strength and courage in the face of true adversity and persecution.

I have learned this past week that I want to have that kind of courage and faith. I want to “yes” to God and stop living in my safe little existence.

And the only way I know to do that is by saturating myself in the Lord.

If you have followed my blog for a while, you will know that I chose one word to focus on for 2014. My one word was saturated.

I wanted to saturate my life in Christ this year and for the first half of the year I did a pretty good job at keeping Him as my focus. I spent lots of time in Bible study and prayer. I was reading my Bible everyday and very involved in with my church.

Then about one month ago I stopped. I’m not completely certain why I stopped, but I did.

And in the stopping I learned a valuable lesson.

I need to be saturated in Christ.

It is not a want or simply a goal anymore. It is a necessity like food or air or water.

If I want the bravery, the courage, and the faith to stay strong even if it means that I might die, then I have to stay saturated in Christ and His Spirit. I don’t have a choice.

In the past month I have noticed that I find easy to saturate myself in books, movies, Mega reel gambling, and TV shows or even video games with my family. (Yes, we actually play video games as a family—on Wii’s, iPads & Kindles.) I can spend hours doing these things without giving any thought to what I am doing.

When I choose to spend time in the Bible and in prayer, the same thing happens. I can spend hours doing these things, but many times I choose to put other things ahead of spending time in the Bible and in prayer.

It is time to start anew with saturating my life in Christ.

At the beginning of the year, I took us through a series on the tools needed to saturate your life in Christ, but now I want to put those tools to better use. I want to go back to the basics of my faith in order to strengthen my faith.

I want to explore questions like:

  • Who is God?
  • Who or what is the Trinity?
  • Who is Jesus Christ?
  • Why did Jesus die? And was He really resurrected?
  • What does it really look like to be a follower of Christ?
  • And many other questions

I want to do this here on the blog, and I want you to join me. Let’s get back to the basics of our faith and saturate our lives in Christ.

I’m going to be using the book A Handbook for Christian Maturity as a guide for exploring the Bible and answering these questions as well a few other books like A Case for Christ and A Case for Faith.

I am just starting to pull stuff together for this series, and I have a lot going on for the next couple of weeks so I probably won’t start posting on this series until September. I’m sharing it with you now so that you can be praying for me as I pull together this series.

My objectives for this series are:

  • To deepen my own faith
  • To reach others for Christ

Please pray that this series will do those things.

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3 Replies to “Going Back to the Basics”

  1. Thanks for linking up! It is so true that we need to be “saturated” with Christ! I so want to have that kind of bravery and courage too- God’s been showing me how I can take steps in that direction by being brave in the little things because if I’m not, I’ll never have the chance to be brave in the big ones. And even then, sometimes the little ones turn out to be big ones. Thanks for sharing!
    -S.L. Payne, uncommongrace.net

  2. Thanks for linking to Sunday Stillness. I am a partner with you. I love the Case For books. I also liked Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman. And Circle Maker by Mark Batterson. Very solid teachings of being a followers, relying on God and listening and obeying His call.
    I returned Tuesday from a mission trip to Poland. We can do so much if we listen to His call. Wherever He leads us He can spread the Gospel.
    I look forward to your posts and hope you link them.

  3. I too want to saturate my life with Christ.
    Over the summer I did Beth Moore’s new book `Children of The Day` (I -II thess.)
    On Monday I plan to begin studying I-II-III John. This should begin getting me back to basics.

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