In Light of Eternity

Robin Williams has been one of my favorite actors since I was 4 years old and my parents took me to see the movie Popeye. When I heard that he died, my first thought was, “I wonder where he will spend eternity.”

While I love the movies that Robin Williams starred in, I really knew very little about the man until this past week and even after all I have learned this past week I still have to wonder where he will spend eternity.

According to everything I have read and heard, Robin Williams was a good man, but if you believe like I do then you know that being a good man by the world’s standards doesn’t mean that you will spend an eternity in heaven. I wonder, “Did he know that? Did anyone ever share Christ with him? Had he ever placed his faith in Christ?”

And then I wondered, “Do you know that?”

Do you know that no matter how good you try to be that you can never be good enough to make it to heaven?

Do you know that because God is not only love but He is holy and just that there is nothing you can do to earn your way to heaven?

Do you know that the Father sent His only Son to be the atonement for your sins?

Do you know that Christ died so that when you place your faith in Him you are forgiven?

Do you know that Christ defeated death and rose again so that you can live abundantly?

And if you do know that, do you share that knowledge with others?

Do the choices that you make reflect that knowledge?

Does what you say you believe match the way you live?

While I have the assurance of where I will spend eternity, my choices don’t always reflect that.

Most of my extended family and many of my friends don’t have that assurance. They don’t know where they will spend eternity.

Many of them believe that God is a loving God who will not send “good” people to hell. They don’t like to think of God as a just and holy God too. They don’t see themselves as sinners in need of a Savior, and because of those beliefs they will spend an eternity in hell.

And here I sit in my little world afraid to reach out to them. I don’t want to make waves. I want to keep the peace. My extended family already treats me as if I don’t exist unless they need something because to them I have always the “goody-goody”, the one who never does anything wrong.  (Oh, they are sooooo wrong about that. My sins might not be the ones that are easily seen like drunkenness or gambling, but my areas of weakness are there.)

But I have been thinking if I really love them, wouldn’t I share my Jesus with them? In light of an eternity spent in hell, shouldn’t I love them enough to place my fears aside? To work to build a relationship with them so that when they look at me they see how much I love and care for them.

When I meet new people and work to develop new friendships, do I look at them in light of eternity? Do I attempt to love others so that when they look at me they see Jesus?

I want to love like that. I want to build relationships that reflect the light of eternity, that draw others to Christ.

I want to stop being afraid that people won’t like me. Instead I want them to know that I love them. I want them to know that I love them so much that I want to spend eternity with them and that Jesus loves them that much too.

In light of eternity it’s the least I can do.

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