The Card

Afraid to reach out
Everything felt like
It was falling apart

Scared and confused
Every day she asked the Lord
For just a little good news

Then one day
Out to the mailbox she went
And came back to the house
With a card that must have been heaven sent

She opened the card
And to her surprise
She read these words inside:

“You are loved.
You are longed for.
You are needed.
You are here
For a purpose and a mission
Which in time
God will make clear.
Do not be discouraged.
Do not be dismayed.
God loves you,
And that will never change.”

As she read those words
Tears came to her eyes
Because they were exactly what she needed
On the inside.

Words of encouragement
Words of love
Sent from a friend
And the Father above



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  1. Isn’t that awesome when God speaks to us through others at just the right time?! So glad you were encouraged! Blessings

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